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Qatar National Museum, Qatar is one of the smallest Arab countries in the Arabian Peninsula, but at the same time it has a long history and great civilization, and this is what the state seeks to express and document in its museums, especially the Qatar National Museum, which is filled with many artifacts, and antiquities that cross On the development of the state in various times, and how, and it has reached the economic prosperity that it is now blessed, every country must visit the Qatar National Museum to learn more about the history of its predecessors, as many different activities are carried out in the museum, and there are places to eat, and various means of entertainment.

Qatar National Old Museum:

It is the second largest museum in the Doha region, and it was opened in 1975 AD, and it is one of the most important places that you must visit in Qatar as it contains 5 huge galleries specialized in displaying various artifacts, halls that accommodate more than 300 people in addition to places to eat, and a center specialized in Scientific Research.

Qatar National Museum of Modern:

Qatar National Museum opens:

The opening of the Qatar National Museum will be in December 2020, following the announcement of Sheikha Al Mayassa bint Hamad Al Thani responsible for the Board of Trustees of museums in the country, to coincide with the opening date of this important museum with the country’s National Day.

Information about the modern Qatar National Museum:

  • The museum contains many wonderful antiques engravings, and evocative mind, its design is inspired by the famous architect Jean Nouvel, who designed the museum creatively from the desert rose.
  • The modern national museum gives the state of Qatar, and its artists an opportunity to express their ideas and explain their different points of view in a clear way, such as expressing the country’s heritage and an idea of ​​its future at the same time.
  • The museum will display an idea about the lives of all Qatar citizens, and introduce the Qatari identity and the greatness of its residents. The most important characteristic of this museum is the way it displays the way of life in Qatar in different times, and how, and reached the status it enjoys today.
  • The Qatar Museums Authority and the Antiquities are seeking to establish a link between the various museums in the country, and to enrich public opinion about the importance of interest in art and history in order for the country to flourish with its children, which is the secret of its development of museums, and the holding of many mega projects to increase the country’s cultural infrastructure.

The most important features of the modern Qatar National Museum:

It is a point of contact between citizens of the rest of the world, and a presentation of Qatari history.

  • Visitors will be able to know enough information about their ancestors, how the country was established in the past, and the exhibition will contain many artifacts and antiquities to set how life developed rapidly in Qatari society.
  • Many attractive shows will be made as the state seeks to erect full walls from the ceiling to the floor in the form of huge displays, and provide the museum with mobile devices to transport tourists between the various parts of the museum.
  • The museum contains a huge hall in addition to cafes for drinking coffee, various drinks, two shops, and a restaurant that prepares wonderful Arabic food.
  • Attached to the Qatar National Museum is a garden filled with authentic Arabic plants of rare species
  • The museum is an opportunity to express opinion and participate in enriching Qatari culture in order to increase the country’s progress and prosperity, and it contains huge galleries, and the Qatar National Museums Authority seeks to make many displays in the museum to encourage Qatari citizens to go to it.

Heritage protection and documentation:

The Qatar Museums Authority seeks to preserve the sailing centers on which the entire economy is based at a stage in its history. Many residents worked in the past in trade across the sea, fishing of pearls, and fish.
The museum has 3D technologies to attract tourists to it as well as to protect and preserve boats.

Qatar National Museum Jobs:

Qatar National Museum announces its need for employees from among the vacant positions Secretary specializing in cultural history and ethnography, and will be assigned several tasks to him, and will follow, the Ministry of Culture, and we will talk about the conditions of available jobs, and how to apply.

Amin Ethnography, cultural and social history is required:

Conditions that must be met in the job applicant:

  • The applicant should be familiar with the intangible heritage in the Arabian Gulf in addition to the comprehensive Arabic history.
  • That the applicant is familiar with the intangible heritage, and has experience in customs, and a cultural sense in the State of Qatar in particular, and the countries of the Arabian Peninsula as well.
  • Have a good track record in research work and field studies.
  • He possesses extensive experience in the field of museum and exhibitions.
  • Be familiar with the preservation and documentation of objects in the museum.
  • Understand the principles of scientific research and synthesis.
  • Ability to write creatively, communicate with others, and be proficient in selective presentation.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of using the computer, various office programs, and experience in dealing with data, organizing it, and obtaining information from it.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of many data management systems.
  • Excellent command of the Arabic language, and English speakers are preferred.
  • The candidate has a PhD in the department of anthropology, social or cultural fields, or has a degree related to anthropology.
  • Must have at least 5 years of proven experience in field work or teaching at the university or museum experience with an understanding of all topics related to Qatar and the Arabian Gulf.
  • How to apply for a job in Qatar National Museum:

    The job can be applied through the official website of the Ministry of Antiquities, via the following link:

    • To contact Qatar National Museum for inquiries about, availability, and other vacancies, please call 44525555
    • Mail can be sent to the following address: Qatar Museums Authority – Tower Authority – PO Box No. 2777, Doha, Qatar.
    • The venue of the Qatar Museum: It is near the museum park, and is close to the Museum of Ancient Islamic Art.
    • Hours of Operation: Recruitment applications are received from 7:30 in the morning until 2:30 in the afternoon, days from Sunday to Thursday.

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