What is Algeria famous for?

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Algeria, or what is officially known as the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria, is located in North Africa on an area of ​​2,381,741 km2. It is bordered by Tunisia to the northeast, Libya to the east, and Morocco to the west, and Mauritania and Mali and the Western Sahara to the southwest, and Niger to the east. With a population of about 39,067,000 people, according to the statistics of 2015, most of them condemn the Islamic religion and speak the Arabic language and the Amazigh language.

The system of government in Algeria is presidential, divided administratively into 48 states and 1541 municipalities. Algeria is a founding member of the African Union, a member of the League of Arab States, the Arab Maghreb Union, the United Nations, and OPEC. Algeria is characterized by its mild climate.

What is Algeria famous for?

  • It is famous for the title of one and a half million martyrs, in relation to the number of martyrs in the seven-and-a-half-year national liberation revolution.
  • It is famous for its natural resources of natural gas and oil, as it ranks second as the largest oil reserves in Africa, and the sixteenth rank in the world, and the ninth rank in terms of natural gas reserves, as well as the export of large quantities of coal, iron and uranium.
  • It is famous for its traditional handicrafts, such as: pottery, porcelain, textile, jewelery, copper and wood.
  • It is famous for many dishes of the Algerian cuisine, such as: Kouskouche, Couscous, Toumi, Briek, Burak, and Tajin, and the most famous Algerian sweets are: almond heart, ghee, and Kaab al-Ghazal.

The most famous tourist attractions in Algeria

Algeria is famous for its tourist places, its beautiful beaches, and many world heritage sites, such as: the Roman ruins in Timgad, rock paintings and ancient baths in Tassili Nagar, and among the most important tourist places in Algeria:

Tassili Nagar National Park

Tassili Nagar National Park is located in the desert of Algeria, and it is included among the World Heritage sites and UNESCO; because it contains many natural wonders, from rock art and paintings in the caves dating back to the prehistoric period, and the park is characterized by containing the best series of sandstone mountain ranges and rock arches .

Cala National Park

Cala National Park is located in El Taref, in the northeast of Algeria, and extends to the border with Tunisia. The park consists of forests, lakes, swamps, and coastal waters that adorn sandy beaches. It also includes many biosphere reserves for UNESCO, and has many places for rare mammals and birds.

The Casbah

The Kasbah is an Algerian city that includes the old castle, the Museum of the Palace of the Palaces, and several houses and mosques characterized by its architecture dating back to the Ottoman era.

Church of Notre Dame Africa

The Notre Dame Church of Africa dates back to the nineteenth century and is located on the northern side of the Algerian capital.

experiments Garden

The Experiment Garden is one of the oldest botanical gardens in Algeria, located near the heart of the capital, and includes the French and English Garden, and the Zoo.


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