Istanbul Corniche: The most beautiful entertainment place in Istanbul, Turkey

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Know with us in this article on the Istanbul promenade and the most beautiful entertainment places in Istanbul, it is considered one of the largest and most famous cities in Turkey, so they go as a main destination when they visit them, as it is the second largest European city in terms of population density. Great empires took it as its capital, such as the Byzantine and Latin empires, the last of which was the Ottoman Empire. Today, Turkey is one of the favorite tourist destinations among the Arabs, especially after the spread of Turkish drama in the Arab countries.
Therefore, the website of the Arab travelers in these lines deals in particular with the city of Istanbul and the most important tourist attractions that you can visit, and shows you how you can spend the best times there, so follow us.

Ortikay Istanbul Corniche

  • One of the most popular tourist destinations that many tourists prefer to spend their time in, providing them with calm as well as charming view.
  • It overlooks the Bosphorus coast for more than 6 km, and there are chairs and terraces that you can sit on.
  • You can also visit Ortikai Mosque, which overlooks the Bosphorus Strait, and features a picturesque architectural style.
  • One of the most famous for it is the delicious waffle dessert, in addition to the kimber, which is a grilled potato with butter and some types of cheese and is covered with delicious salad.

Tourism in Istanbul

Istanbul includes many tourist places that vary between recreational and historical that you can visit there. We mention some of them to you as follows:

Haydarpasa railway station

  • It is located in the Asian region of Istanbul.
  • It is one of the oldest and largest railway stations in Turkey.
  • It is characterized by a luxurious architectural style, as it overlooks the sea, so tourists usually come to take memorial photos.

Baghdad Street

  • It is comparable to Istiklal Street in terms of popularity, and it is one of the largest streets there, extending for about 14 km.
  • Among the tourist destinations that tourists visit for its striking beauty, in addition to the spread of markets from which they can buy souvenirs from all over.
  • It also spreads a wide range of the best cafes and restaurants where you can sit and enjoy a delicious meal.
  • In addition to the presence of many chairs spread throughout you can rest on it, as you feel tired from walking.

Puppet Hill

  • It is the highest hills that surround Istanbul.
  • It provides you with a charming view of Istanbul from the top to see it as if it were a beautiful painting.
  • The top is spread over parks with pedestrian paths, so you can enjoy the charming view of Istanbul in the arms of the picturesque nature.
  • There is also a café and restaurant serving the best drinks and food.
  • In addition to having a designated area for children to play in.

Dolma Palace is a delight

  • It is one of the most famous and largest palaces in the city of Turkey, it contains 258 rooms in addition to 46 halls.
  • Taken over the ages as a symbol of luxury and extravagance, it cost enormous sums in its construction as well as the use of nearly 35 tons of pure gold to cover its ceilings, and it took thirteen years to build it.
  • Its most unique style is its unique architectural style, combining different cultures such as French, Italian and Ottoman architecture.
  • One of the favorite destinations for tourists to enjoy wandering around and take lots of memorial photos there, and they usually do not miss visiting the crystal hall that includes the largest crystal made in the world.
  • Dotted in his garden, an impressive array of different types of flowers and trees, in addition to the pools of water spread all over it, adding a charming beauty to it.

Topkapi Palace

  • It is also called the High Gate Palace, and it is one of the most important palaces in Turkey.
  • The main center of government was in Turkey for four consecutive centuries until it was later replaced by Dolma Palace.
  • You can enjoy wandering around and see many aspects of the unique cultural and Islamic heritage, which includes a large collection of rare Islamic monuments, but what distinguishes it is the presence of some of the property of the Messenger Muhammad – may God bless him and grant him peace -.

Archeology museums in Istanbul

  • It is located in the Aminönü area, which is three museums with thousands of rare archeological collection, and it is classified as the largest museum in Istanbul and the world.
  • Consists of the Museum of Archeology, the Museum of the Ancient East, and the Museum of Islamic Art, each of which contains a variety of antiquities from different civilizations around the world.
  • In the Museum of Islamic Art you can see more than 2000 different art pieces from paintings and others belonging to the Ottoman civilization.
  • You can also see many ancient artifacts from different civilizations, such as Egypt, Greece, the Arabian Peninsula, among others.
  • The Istanbul Archaeological Museum contains a number of Roman ruins, in addition to many old coins in the treasury located in the basement of it.

Entertainment places in Istanbul

Vialand theme park

  • It is the largest entertainment games city in Istanbul, it was established on an area equivalent to a soccer field in 2013.
  • It has a variety of the most exciting games suitable for adults and children.
  • It also includes a huge shopping center from which you can buy souvenirs, in addition to a distinguished group of cafes and restaurants that offer delicious meals.

Bostanci Lunapark theme park

  • One of the most famous amusement cities that tourists usually visit in Istanbul.
  • There are many games and recreational activities for spending a wonderful time with your families.
  • It also features a dedicated area for horse riding.
  • In addition to the presence of cafes and restaurants, you can have a wonderful meal.


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