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The Masmak Palace

The Masmak or Masmak, that is, the tall and thick structure of the fort, and the Masmak Palace is a fortress built of milk, located in the middle of Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, specifically in the Al-Dirah neighborhood. Muhammad Abdullah Al-Rashid, and the designer formed the scene of the Battle of Riyadh, which occurred between both the Al Saud and the Rashid family in 1902 AD. With this battle, the Al Saud family managed to restore the city of Riyadh to their rule, and it should be noted that the effects of the battle are still present at the present time at the door of the palace, Exemplified in the year of the spear in which the worker bin Rashid was killed in Riyadh , And he is the son of Ajlan.

After the battle, the Masmak was used as a storehouse for storing weapons, until a decision was made to make it a heritage landmark, indicating the stages of the establishment of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The parameters of Masmak Palace

The palace gate

It is located on the western side of the palace, its width is about 2.65 m while its length is about 3.60 m, and its thickness is about 10 cm, made of both the proverbs and the trunks of the palms, and the door contains three beams, the thickness of which is about 25 cm, and in the middle of it is an opening called the peach. It is a small, narrow gate that allows only one person to pass through.

The mosque

It is located on the left side of the entrance, and the mosque is a large room that includes many pillars, shelves for the Koran, in addition to the ventilation holes in the walls, ceiling, and mihrab.

the Council

Also called Al-Diwaniya, it is located opposite the entrance, which is a rectangular room that includes a neighbor whose shape is similar to the traditional form of the wall in the Najd area. The room includes many lighting and ventilation openings.


It is located on the northeastern side of the palace, and water is drawn from it by the bucket, using a mula or pulley installed on the mouth of the well.


Each corner of the palace includes a cylindrical tower, which is about 18 m high, and about 1.25 m thick, ascended to it by a staircase, then through two wooden staircases, and each tower includes places for throwing, and there is a square-shaped tower in the center of the palace and is called Square, this tower overlooks the palace through the upper balcony.

the yard

The Masmak Palace includes a main courtyard of the palace, surrounded by a group of rooms connected to each other through internal columns, and there is a staircase on the eastern side of the courtyard, connecting visitors to the first floor and the roofs of the palace, and the courtyard also includes three housing units, the first to establish the ruler and is characterized by its association with Each other, and the second residence is a house of money, while the third residence is dedicated to accommodating visitors and guests.

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