Guide to the most famous and most beautiful places of tourism in Kosovo, Kosovo has become one of the most prominent European destinations that managed to attract the attention of many tourists in the recent period, especially the city of Pristinad, the capital, which is the main reason for many fences to go to Kosovo because of its ingenious architecture and cultural richness, along with The ancient city of Birzern is the ancient medieval city that attracts most of the tourists coming to Kosovo, where many Orthodox churches are spread and a number of monasteries that were included within the World Heritage sites.
There are also a number of mosques and the picturesque mountainous nature, and the people of Kosovo are distinguished as a friendly, loving people for their guests, in addition to its famous dishes with delicious international acclaim, it is one of the ideal destinations for eating delicious foods with cheap prices, and the Kosovo cuisine is distinguished by combining western and eastern cuisine, there are most Restaurants interested in serving traditional dishes on a regular basis, and here are more details for Arab travelers.

The most beautiful places of tourism in Kosovo:

  • Prizren City:

This integrated city as it includes everything, there is the city center that dates back to the Middle Ages, in addition to the presence of many mosques and Orthodox churches that are located next to each other, this city is a good example of religious tolerance, and one of the city’s most famous mosques is the Sinan Pasha Mosque which It was built in 1615 during the era of the Ottomans, and there is the Eastern Orthodox Church, which was included in the list of World Heritage sites in 2006, and there is a Prizren fortress that provides visitors with wonderful and picturesque views of the city, and there are many attractions in this city that attract crowds of visitors over the yearsFor the past.

  • Gakova:

Although this city was destroyed by the war, it managed to climb again, and now it is one of the best tourist places at all, especially those who love the fun and pleasant night life, as there are two lakes in which many daily trips are held, and it also includes the Grand Bazaar The newly built, which helped the activity of the city, and there is also the Hadum Mosque which was built during the period of the Ottomans, and there is also the hospice of Sheikh Amin, which is like a religious complex, which includes many fountains, shrines, houses and places of worship.
  • Pristina:

It is the capital of the country and is considered one of the newest European capitals, as it is distinguished by its gray-gray architecture and other dark colors such as modern architecture, as it includes many cafes that bring together a great amount of contradiction and diversity to satisfy all tastes, and the highest officials of the United Nations and the European Union come to visit them, which put these The city has a distinctive global location, as this ancient city that Ottoman influences are still present and this appears on the city’s neighborhoods and the surrounding hills, where you can enjoy an enjoyable tour of the main streets of the city and see historical mosques and the government building New to watch the old market.

  • Beja city:

This city is packed with many Serbian and Ottoman heritage alike, it is considered one of the most beautiful and most important settlements of Kosfu, as it is located in a unique location at the foot of two mountains and they call it the cursed mountains, and this city is a great place to go on tours through the mountains and through valleys Over a distance of 25 km, it is possible to visit any of the UNESCO World Heritage sites in the city, such as the Patriarchal and Orthodox Church, and a visit to the cheese market is a great opportunity to feel the Turkish atmosphere in the land of Kosovo.

  • Dero or Gracanica:

This strange city, called the disjointed city, which witnessed a very rapid growth after the declaration of the country’s independence, is a center of Serbian society in Kosovo, where there are four wonderful Orthodox churches dating back to the Middle Ages, which were all built during the 14th century, and includes the city for a number Of the murals are still wonderfully preserved.

  • Deccan:

When we talk about Deccan, the first thing that comes to mind is the Visuki Dichani Monastery, which is considered the most important Orthodox building in Kosovo, and it is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites, and this monastery is one of the most prominent Orthodox monuments dating back specifically to the 13th century, and was used in Its construction is elements of eastern and western architecture, and this monastery is distinguished because it contains the best mural paintings that adorn the walls of the monastery, and despite the smallness of this town somewhat, it was famous in the past as a stronghold for members of the Liberation Army of Kosovo during the war that was in 1998-1999.

  • Balkan villages:

As the state of Kosovo is a region of the Balkans, there are many beautiful villages that still preserve their heritage, traditions and ancient customs, and among the most famous villages in this town we find the village of Gorani, which contains a great group of distinguished homes that were built of clay, as well About the splendor of the rural atmosphere that haunts the village, and the village of Gorani is still preserved by its first nature in which there are any hotels, so it is possible to stay with the local villagers in exchange for a sum of money to be agreed upon.

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