Thanks to the tremendous economic growth that Turkey is witnessing in the current period, it has made it one of the most important tourist castles in the world, in addition to that Turkey has a number of the most famous international brands of jewelry, clothing and accessories, which made it a huge tourist boom, and was the result For this tourist boom, the proliferation of malls and huge shopping malls, to which huge numbers of tourists come from all sides for shopping and for the purchase of some souvenirs, and others who accept them for economic tourism and buying what the local markets need in other countries.
Istanbul was one of the brightest commercial cities in Turkey and is still one of the largest and most important tourist centers in the world. Since ancient times, Istanbul has been famous for trading clothes and silk fabrics, but today we are famous for the wonderful clothes of the Turkish character, this is beside the spread of a huge number of shopping centers And a lot of ancient Islamic antiquities, as well as many antiquities from different civilizations, so Istanbul will continue to be a city that witnesses the succession and succession of civilizations, and today we will talk about the most important shopping centers located in Turkey.

Cheap Istanbul malls:

Metro City

It is one of the most prestigious shopping malls and the most famous malls in Istanbul, this center is designed to take the form of a subway, as the building takes a longitudinal shape and is located directly under the metro station, this center consists of 27 floors, and there are more than 140 shops, and that This center includes the most famous and most luxurious Turkish international stores and international brands, as well as restaurants, cinemas and cafes that are famous for providing alcohol-free Turkish drinks. Traditional Turkish sweets and popular foods are also served in addition to international foods.

Astinia Park Mall

It is one of the largest and finest malls in Istanbul, this mall includes nearly 300 international brands, and contains a number of four floors, there are about 300 shops of the most famous brands, both international or local Turkish brands, this is beside the availability of a number of cafes and restaurants, Istinya Park is characterized by its design The attractive interior, and there are a number of Turkish candy stores, as well as a theater, a cinema showroom and electronic stores, as well as shops for selling household appliances and selling Turkish textiles and furnishings, this mall is located at a distance from the seashore and Amirjan Park, and also located away from the Bosphorus and Sultan Ah D and there is at a distance of 9 km, Sultan Muhammed Al Fateh Bridge, which connects the Asian section and the European section, it is possible to go to the mall through Taksim metro station, then get off the station and then take a taxi to the mall.

Istanbul Canyon

This mall is located in the suburb of Levent, it contains a number of local Turkish shops, and one of the exceptional complexes in Turkey can be considered.

Ak center

It is one of the huge marketing centers in Istanbul, where it is located on an area of ​​180 thousand meters, and it has many different stores and recreational facilities, in addition to it contains a huge number of cafes and restaurants, and also has an ICSC award for being one of the best European marketing centers, This is due to its distinguished security and service system and the ease of services in it in addition to cleanliness, as it contains a huge number of the most luxurious and largest Turkish commercial brands, and the mall consists of four floors.

Istanbul Forum

It can be considered as one of the most beautiful shopping resorts in Turkey at all, as it is one of the most important distinctive tourist destinations, as well as it is one of the largest European shopping centers, there are aquariums in the mall, and the price of admission ticket per person is 23 Turkish pounds, and work schedules start in the mall From ten o’clock in the morning until six o’clock in the evening, and is suitable for families with children, it has a dedicated ice skating rink and snow museum, and it also has centers dedicated to intelligence and children’s games.

Trump Towers

This mall was opened in 2012, and there is a Sisli neighborhood, Trump Towers Mall contains more than 174 stores, which is considered one of the most important centers that sell fashion, with many restaurants and entertainment facilities, with a total area of ​​about 43 thousand meters.


It is considered one of the most famous malls in Turkey, and it is characterized by luxury and sophistication, it contains more than 150 commercial stores, there are the most famous Turkish commercial brands as well as the best Turkish national products, besides the availability of many international products, it contains a number of restaurants and cafes that provide different types Of food, not only Turkish, there are Chinese, Mexican, Indian, Japanese and American foods as well as French, and there are also places dedicated to selling electronics and books, as well as movie theaters.

Ruby of Istanbul

This center includes a place to live in, and it is considered the second tallest building in Istanbul, the number of floors of this building is 54 floors and reaches a height of 238 meters, there is a huge number of the most luxurious shops.

Istanbul jewels

It is one of the largest shopping centers in Istanbul, with a total area of ​​240 thousand meters, there are more than 350 stores, and there is also the largest watch in the world installed on the glass ceiling of the mall, and in the middle of it there is a large area dedicated to music events, shows and toys.


It is one of the important shopping centers in Istanbul, as it contains many leading shops, as well as many luxurious cafes and restaurants, Turkish food and drinks are served in it, as well as a health club, swimming pool and a number of residences located next to the mall stores.

The Galleria Atakoy

It is considered one of the first commercial centers for modern shopping of its kind at the level of the city of Istanbul, this mall is located in the Arab section of the Atakoy region, it has many stores that include the most famous Turkish and international brands, as well as a number of cinemas, cafes, restaurants, and children’s entertainment centers, And a skating hall and another for bowling.

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