The best place for honeymoon

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After the wedding ceremony, all husbands wish to entertain themselves, spend the honeymoon calmly and comfortably, and travel to a special place; to spend an unforgettable fun time, and begin to search for the appropriate place before the wedding ceremony, and to facilitate the matter we will mention in this article the best tourist places that can be visited , And spend the best times out.

The best places for honeymoon

The best places to spend honeymoon are:

South Africa

The South African region is considered one of the wonderful areas for honeymooning, so you can take a safari trip, and many unforgettable adventures, in addition to fishing, diving in the sea, seeing white sharks, and climbing mountains, this trip is suitable for people who love to experience adventure And to have fun.


This region is suitable for people who love romance and the sea. Anguilla is located in Britain, and it is characterized by its wonderful blue waters, beautiful beaches, and many distinctive hotels that provide comfort and a quiet and romantic atmosphere.

British Virgin Islands

It is a favorite to visit this area for people who love the sea, experiences spending time in the yacht, watching yacht racing, spending time on the golden beach, and enjoying the sun and swimming.

Dominican Republic

It has many palm trees, beaches, and luxury and distinctive hotels, which offer the most delicious food dishes, and many luxurious resorts. Golf can be played; many golf courses are fully available.


It is one of the most popular tourist areas for honeymooning, due to its mild climate, distinctive islands, and distinctive markets and resorts. It can be visited and spend quality time shopping, and on the beachfront, delicious meals can be taken, and attending concerts.

St. Barts

It is the destination for many honeymooners, and it is possible to reserve a private villa or farm and spend time with it, riding luxury yachts, spending time shopping, and buying the most famous international brands.


This region enjoys classical music that is played throughout its hotels, and a lot of fun time can be spent on beaches, luxury resorts, attending many festivals, in addition to tasting the delicious dishes offered by all restaurants.


This region is located in Indonesia, which is one of the areas full of love and wonderful atmosphere, and there are many resorts, luxury hotels, and many wonderful waterfalls and temples, it is a wonderful area for honeymooners.

Other places

  • Greece: Greece has many charming areas that attract tourists to it, in addition to the hotels that offer distinguished service, restaurants and shopping centers.
  • France: Or as it is called the land of romance and love, you can see the Eiffel Tower, visit the beaches of Saint-Tropez, spend time with it, and walk in its streets.
  • Mexico: It is well known for its many beaches such as Busan Beach and many luxury resorts.

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