Jeddah has long been considered the first tourist city in the Kingdom with its beauty, charm and tourist sites that distinguish it from many cities. Jeddah Corniche comes as the best and most famous tourist place in Jeddah as it is an ideal destination for entertainment, breaking the routine, enjoying and entertainment.

The importance of Jeddah Corniche

The Jeddah Corniche represents an outlet for more than 150,000 residents and visitors to the province; it is a beautiful and quiet place that sends joy in the soul, especially after witnessing further development, which gave it a huge space and creative design in the nature of sophistication in innovation and implementation, until it became a model that simulates the finest marine destinations in The world and a civilized example of structural beauty and integrated infrastructure.
The Corniche of Jeddah, the bride of the Red Sea, extends over the western part of the city on the coast of the Red Sea, and it is 110 km long and contains many beautiful coral reefs.
Jeddah Corniche is distinguished by its blue waters, golden sands and calm waves in a breathtaking view and a phenomenon preferred by everyone, taking advantage of that fresh air breeze and the spectacular atmosphere of Jeddah, which made it a destination for all spectra of society amid nature, blessed with the appropriate atmosphere and low humidity away from homes or hotel restaurants, despite its intense competition to attract Tourists and visitors.

Jeddah Corniche components

The Jeddah Corniche is transformed into a meeting place for families, relatives and friends who meet with all their different walks in one place, in a climatic atmosphere embellished by the waves of the Red Sea crashing on the rocks of the Corniche wharf that extends the wide range.
The Jeddah Corniche witnesses the whole family practicing their hobbies of walking, cooking, barbecue, fishing, or jet ski rides and motorcycles that make walking fun and excitement.
Under the Jeddah Corniche, there are 17 hiking trails, 14 fountains, marine taxis, a fishing pier, a water park, and paid places for those who want more calm and privacy as well as wide and shaded areas for children that are equipped with everything that the child needs and many other services that attract tourists Either inside or outside.
Jeddah Corniche also contains a group of the best international hotels, commercial centers, amusement parks and parks, and there is in this corniche, specifically in the north of it, many projects, especially projects related to towers, skyscrapers and hotels, the most important of these projects is the Kingdom City project and Lamar Towers.

The best activities in Jeddah Corniche

Jeddah Corniche provides its visitors with the opportunity to perform many activities such as taking a walk in the shopping street, in addition to eating favorite meals in one of the restaurants spread along the Corniche, which offers the best local and international food and sweets.
The Jeddah Corniche also includes gifts and shopping shops of all kinds, and families can also go to the children’s area, where they have wonderful toys suitable for all family members.
Jeddah Corniche also provides visitors with wonderful views of the Red Sea, especially at sunrise and sunset, as it contains many beaches for private beach sports.
One of the most important things you can do in the Jeddah Corniche is to enjoy the special shows that take place inside the sea for the King Fahd Fountain, which shoots colorful water in the air. It is desirable to watch the fountain in the evening or at sunset, where there are many wonderful and exciting shows.
Visitors to the Jeddah Corniche can also see the open art galleries that display a wide range of modern art sculptures that attract tourists and are inspired by Arab culture.

Jeddah Corniche development project

In view of its importance, the Municipality of Jeddah has completed the development of the Jeddah Northern Corniche, after the governorate witnessed over the past few years the development of the Southern Corniche and Dhahban Beach and Park.
The Jeddah Corniche development project is among 6 phases of the waterfront development, as the first three phases that were implemented from the border guards in the south to the Nawras Roundabout in the north were completed, so the fourth and fifth phases that were implemented last year were completed.
The completion of the waterfront development for the Northern Corniche came to be added to the system of waterfront development projects for the Red Sea bride, which the Jeddah Municipality seeks to take advantage of its available ingredients and develop it to achieve the well-being of citizens, residents and visitors.
The Jeddah Corniche development project has constituted an important addition and an attractive aesthetic touch to Jeddah’s beaches, as the development provided large areas, aesthetic elements and an integrated infrastructure.

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