Kuala Lumpur Islands

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Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is a Malaysian city founded in the year 1849 AD, located geographically in the Malaysian state located in the southeastern part of the continent of Asia, and is considered its administrative and political capital, with a land area of ​​243 km2, and rises above sea level 21.95 m and has twinning with several cities such as Isfahan, London, and New Delhi , Jakarta, Ankara, Delhi, Karachi, Casablanca and Mashhad.

Kuala Lumpur Islands

Tioman Island

Tioman is located geographically opposite the eastern shore of Pahang State, and is characterized by its green mountains, beaches full of palm trees and waterfalls, and by containing the wreckage of American and Japanese ships sunk from the days of World War II, and is surrounded by sixty-three islands such as Siri Island, Lapas Island, Tullai Island and Sembilang Island.

Dayang Pang Island

Geographically located on the eastern side of Singa Island, it is characterized by the sweetness of its waters, and it is called the Pregnant Virgin Island, and the reason for its name is that when standing in an open place to see and monitor the island, it looks like a sleeping woman with a bloated stomach.

Bayar Island

Bayar is located geographically on the southern side of the island of Langkawi, and it consists of ninety-nine islands, and is characterized by its serenity, multi-colored coral reefs, and diving centers.

Pangkor Laut Island

It is one of the non-independent islands, also known as the island of imagination due to the presence of tropical and tropical jungle jungles in it.

Cabas Island

Geographically located opposite the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Terengganu, it is considered one of the uninhabited islands, and is characterized by its white sandy beaches, palm trees and coconut, and its pure water.

Redang Island

Redang is located geographically on the northeastern side of Malaysia, specifically on the coast of the state of Terengganu, and is characterized by the abundance of coral reefs and shells, and its beaches and natural landscapes, and the diversity of aquatic life, and the presence of the wreckage of two ships sunk in the first days of World War II and they are for the Prince Wells, and the ship Ripolls.

Other islands

  • Pangkor Island: It is characterized by long tropical green trees and golden sand in its western beaches, and its residents work in the fishing sector.
  • Langkawi Island: Geographically located in the northwestern part of Malaysia, it is characterized by rice fields, large caves, and free of customs duties as it is a free zone.
  • Penang Island: Discovered in the year 1786 AD by Captain Francis Light, it is characterized by abundant coconut trees, and includes many landmarks such as Butterfly Garden, Bukit Bandera Plateau, waterfalls, Temple of Snakes, and Spice Garden.
  • Tengul Island: It is located geographically near the beach of Kuala Donjon, and it is characterized by its rocky islands and the diversity of plants and animals crawling on its lands.
  • Cebu Island: Cebu Island features natural landscapes, serenity of its waters, rocky caves, tropical plants and sandy beaches.

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