Vienna is a city steeped in history, with its historic architecture and pioneering culture that you can see with great revelation in the streets, it is a charming mix between old and new, between the old town and its narrow alleys and majestic palaces, and between modern neighborhoods and streets, shopping centers, hotels and luxury restaurants. If you are among the Arab travelers looking for Halal restaurants in Vienna , Do not worry because you will find your destination on this topic for your next trip.
Muslims today constitute about 5 percent of the Austrian population. They started arriving there with the first migrations from the Balkans after the First World War, and increased migrations after the sixties of the last century. Today, Islamic bodies have an active role in these countries, and this is evident in the Islamic Center in Vienna, It is one of the attractions that you can visit during your trip.
Finding halal restaurants in the Austrian capital is not difficult. There is a group of halal restaurants in Vienna that includes various international, Indian and Pakistani cuisines, Arabic and Middle Eastern, Asian, Turkish and Iranian, and even Austrian cuisine. Perhaps the easiest way to reach the gatherings of halal restaurants is to go to the neighborhoods near the mosques, and there are a number of mosques in Vienna such as the Islamic Center Vienna, the Dome Mosque, the Hidayat Mosque, the Shoulay Mosque, the Ghazi Bayram Mosque, and others.
Whether you are in Austria for honeymoon or on a business trip, you visit the most beautiful cities in this country and pass through the capital Vienna, or you visit Vienna with family and children, you will definitely need a list of the best Halal restaurants in Vienna, And we bring you some here.

The 10 best halal restaurants in Vienna

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Carrie Ann Masala Restaurant Curry n masala

A great place waiting for lovers of Indian and Pakistani cuisine and vegetarian cuisine, where the hospitality of Islamic hospitality and the smells of Indian spices meet on Austrian lands on the Landestraiser Hoptsaraser Street near the Parkpark, the service is fast and the food is delicious and worth the experience.

Cafe Restaurant Café Pars restaurant

This Persian restaurant specializes in Iranian and Middle Eastern food. It is located in Alterkernfeld, a distance from the Federation of Islamic Cultural Centers. It serves delicious food with excellent service from the staff. It was recently closed for maintenance but you have to try to reach it.

Indian Village Indien Village

Another Indian restaurant in the city near the University of Vienna and the Beethoven Pascualati House Museum. It is not appropriate for you unless you are looking for halal restaurants in Vienna that offer spicy and delicious food. You must enjoy the company of your family in Vienna by entering this beautifully designed and decorated restaurant.

The Viennese Diwan Der Wiener Deewan

A Pakistani restaurant near the Votive Vienna Church and close to the Sigmund Freud Museum and the Vienna Cultural Museum, offers a halal buffet of delicious Pakistani food that includes bread, chicken, salads, etc. You just have to choose what appears to be delicious and delicious to you, then enjoy your meal and pay a little.

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Arabic restaurants in Vienna

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Sababah Restaurant Sababa

The fame of Lebanese restaurants reached Vienna as it did before to the major European capitals, and in this restaurant not far from the Chinobron Palace you will find delicious Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine with great service and reasonable prices.

Turquoise restaurant Al Fayrooz

There are a lot of Arab restaurants in Vienna and this turquoise is one of its true jewels, with its authentic Arabic tent and desserts and delicious Lebanese and Arabic cuisine that international tourists demand before Arab travelers in Vienna, especially with shisha serving in an oriental atmosphere.

Al-Zaitouna Restaurant Al zaytouna

If you are one of those who are always looking to travel culturally and tastefully for Arab food, there are Arab restaurants in Vienna that sing for spicy Indian food for example, among which is Zaitouna Restaurant that offers you the best dishes and grills in a warm and intimate atmosphere and beautiful decoration.

Turkish restaurants in Vienna

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Kent Restaurant Kent

One of the most prestigious restaurants in Vienna, located on Marstrass Street and serving Halal food with an official license, in addition to serving alcoholic drinks, specializing in Turkish, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern foods, so if you are looking for a special morning breakfast, you should go there.

Ali Ojakbashi Restaurant Ali Ocakbasi

A Turkish restaurant in the heart of Vienna between the Burggarten and Rissell Park parks and close to many museums, it has a small outdoor space and offers a variety of Mediterranean Turkish delicacies such as kebabs and vegetable pizza in addition to Turkish tea that legitimizes you as if you are in Istanbul.

The Berlin Doner Berliner Doner Wien

Among the several Turkish restaurants in Vienna there is a small fast food restaurant that specializes in providing Turkish and Austrian cuisine, but you must come early and prepare to wait in line or order your meal to eat outside the restaurant, there is a dum and doner with chicken and beef, and the bread is always fresh and fresh.

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