Maadi Island

المسافرون العرب

Maadi Island

Maadi Island consists of a group of small islands, located in the Arab Republic of Egypt in the Maadi region, on the Corniche of the Nile River, in front of the Armed Forces Hospital and the Supreme Constitutional Court, and is known as the “Officers Club”, and it is one of the most beautiful family gardens in Cairo, in which many of them were established. Artificial lakes where fish are raised.

Sections of Maadi Island

Hanging wooden bridges abound in Maadi island, which overlooks the Nile, and there are many restaurants, parks and cafeterias at the entrance to the island, and the visitor can choose to roam in it, either on foot through suspended bridges, or by car, or in the river by using boats Phrases, or using a stagecoach, include several sections, including:

The rural section

It is dominated by the popular character, as it is distributed on both ends of the popular Egyptian food carts, such as kosheri, lupine, beans, and porridge, in addition to the rural restaurants and ovens that serve the famous rural juices in Egypt, such as carob juice, cane juice, peasant pies and mushrooms.

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italyn and Chinese section

It occupies a very splendid view within the green spaces, with designs from the italyn countryside, in which it serves italyn dishes, pastries, pasta and pizza of all kinds and sizes, in addition to italyn sweets and drinks. The Chinese section is distinguished by its Chinese style buildings, and its restaurants serve Chinese and Asian meals in an atmosphere of Chinese traditional music.

Sessions and terraces on the shore of the Nile

It stretches along the beach, and is a book of bamboo chairs and chairs that are reserved, which give its visitors pleasure by observing boats that cruise the Nile and listening to the seas of the sailors.

Huge chess and children’s island

It is a large-sized chess player model, moving both hands of the player in a standing position. As for the children’s island, it is dedicated to children’s play, as it contains amusement parks, football, basketball, tennis and other playgrounds, with a private restaurant to provide fast food for children.

Bird of paradise nursery

This corner of the nursery is intended for nature lovers and plants, lovers of green landscapes, and those looking for calm in the arms of rich nature, and there are various types of trees, roses and winds, in addition to ornamental plants, and some accessories for landscaping, and various sizes of fountains for gardens equipped with multiple lights Colors.

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Entrance fees to Maadi Island

Entry for members of the armed forces and their families is considered free of charge, while for Arab and Egyptian visitors, the cost of the entry card is 10 Egyptian pounds, as it opens its doors from ten in the morning every day, until one after midnight.

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