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Definition of effects

Antiquities are defined according to the law of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, as they are the remnants of ancient man from the stone ages until two hundred years ago, whether they are fixed urban remains that cannot be transferred such as towers, castles and cities, or movable remains that include mosaic paintings, ancient tools that were used by the first man in agriculture, and cooking , Lighting, and other things that enrich our knowledge about traditional primitive societies, and how they have managed to achieve livelihoods in a shallow environment, which stimulates the mindset of a 21st century human being to embrace new ideas suited to the new environment.

Archaeological site

The archaeological site is defined as the place where many civilizations have gone from ancient times to today, where each civilization has left eternal relics that have remained present to this day, and the archaeological site differs from the ruin with the number of civilizations. The found on the surface, the type of growing plants, the color of the soil, and the level of its height above the surface of the earth, which is known as the hill, or through the presence of certain features that attract man to the site such as abundance of water, fertile soil, and so on.

Methods of detection of effects

Methods for the detection of antiquities are an existing science in itself called archaeological excavation, and it is done in several ways that range from primitive to modern, depending on the country if it is from the first world or developing countries, and the methods are summarized as follows:

Observing with the naked eye

The presence of archaeological remains visible on the surface of the soil, such as animal bones, pottery pieces, and so on, indicates that the site is archaeological, and a fossil is performed.


By finding old waste from plowing, plowing and farming, or while building work is being done, an emergency archaeological excavation is conducted accordingly.

Satellite images

This is based on infrared, as buried buildings appear under the ground, and sonar scans can also be used to detect underwater impacts, and this survey depends on sound waves.

Historical novels

Historical narratives are about the existence of a city somewhere. For example, several writings have been recorded in the records of the kings around the city of Shechem, the Canaanite that is currently in the city of Nablus, and when the site was excavated, the mentioned city has already been found.

Metal detector

The principle of this device is based on the issuance of a specific resonance sound when a mineral is found in the soil. The intensity of the sound varies according to the size of the metal, and it is worth noting that there is only a gold detector that works with the same principle.

Chemical analysis of soil samples

As the cultivated soil differs from the virgin by the high level of phosphate, nitrogen, calcium, and carbon, and this is shown by the chemical analysis of the soil.

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