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Milo Bridge

It is considered one of the tallest and longest bridges in the world, designed by the British engineer Norman Foster, and implemented by the engineer, Michelis Verlogo with his team, and it costs about 320 million euros, and the engineer, Norman Foster, wanted to merge it in an unnoticeable way, so that it is within the scenic landscape, which is considered one of the most attractive attractions Tourist in France and the most important.

The Milo Bridge site

It is located in the south of France, specifically on the valley of the Tarn River and on the A75 motorway that connects the city of Clermont Ferrand in the center and the city of Beziers in the south in the province of Aveyron. Studies began to establish the Milo Bridge in 1988 AD and was opened in 2004 AD, and it was implemented with high quality workmanship, and the length of the bridge It is about 2500 meters and its height is 270 meters. The area where the bridge was built is considered a very windy seismic region, as its speed reaches about 200 km per hour.

Design of Milo Bridge

The bridge contains two supports with a height of more than 200 meters, and its maximum surface height is about 270 meters from the surface of the river, and the surface consists of double and thin supports, and a very thin metal surface, with only seven supports that rest on the ground, and there are seven columns that focus in depth on four Columns, as some of the bases consumed between 1100 to 2100 cubic meters of concrete.

The main reason for building the Milo Bridge is to shorten the distance to southern France, by linking Paris to the Mediterranean Sea, and it took three years to build, which is a short period compared to the mastery and quality with which the bridge was built, and the surface of the bridge was designed in the form of a socket that is proportional to the speed The wind is in that region, and the surface weight reaches about 36 thousand tons, thus its weight is four times the weight of the Eiffel Tower. The edges of the bridge are designed to protect the transit despite the fact that the bridge is prohibited on pedestrians.

Milo Bridge Features

  • The longest stent in the world.
  • The longest suspended surface in the world.
  • Reducing the quantities of materials used in the work site, and thus the number of engines is less, as well as the number of transport vehicles and the quantities of stones, sand and gravel as well.
  • The surface of the world’s highest road bridge.

It is worth noting that it was the French President Jacques Chirac who opened the bridge, and he gave a speech on this occasion praising the amazing design of the bridge, where he said it was a balanced miracle and a genius memorial, and the bridge was awarded a set of awards in 2005 and 2006 AD.

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