Penang Island in Malaysia

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Piang Island

Piang Island is located in Malaysia, and is characterized by the presence of large numbers of coconut trees in it, and was discovered by Captain Francis Light in 1786 AD, and the captain started establishing it as the first British center for foreign trade, as it is distinguished by being one of the most beautiful islands that contain sandy beaches, restaurants Large and distinctive, in addition to the presence of several amazing tourist places are recommended to visit, and in this article we will talk about the most important features, hotels, and distinctive restaurants.

touristical monuments

  • Piang Hill, located in Air Etam, 6 km from Georgetown, with a height of about 823 meters above the sea level, and is considered one of the most important and most beautiful hills of mountain resorts in Malaysia, and is considered one of the best tourist places to visit due to its mild climate and the presence of air Pure in it, as there is a railway where the hill can be climbed by, in addition to the distinct restaurants and cafes located at the top of the hill.
  • Butterfly Garden, located in Teluk Bahnaj, can be considered as one of the most beautiful and important tourist attractions that attract millions of tourists annually, as the garden contains a large and amazing range of types and varieties of distinctive butterflies.
  • Cornwallis Castle, whose name is attributed to the Governor of Bengal, Charles Cornwallis, and there are many ancient and historical relics in the castle, including the chapel, cells, and old ammunition, and the historical lighthouse that was used for incoming ships, in addition to historical cannons, perhaps the most important of which is the Dutch cannon called Siri Rambhai, where.
  • Batu Frangi Beach, which is one of the distinctive and amazing beaches in Banning Island, where tourists can practice their favorite activities, such as: parchute rides, and fishing trips, as well as inside the beach, the night market that opens daily in the evening, in addition to the possibility of concerts and festivals on the beach .


  • Paradise Sandy Beach Hotel, located near Piang International Airport, is considered one of the distinctive locations in Piang as it is characterized by its proximity to markets and the beach, and many tourists visit it for a pleasant vacation or honeymoon, and the hotel contains 96 rooms equipped with the latest modern and advanced means, and offers Many services include spa, physiotherapy, golf courses, tennis courts, as well as free internet access.
  • By the Beach Hotel, located near Batu Al-Franjy Beach, and the most important thing that distinguishes the hotel is its distinctive view of the beach. It also offers several distinguished services, including the jacuzzi, the pool, the spa, and a restaurant serving the finest and best Asian cuisine, in addition to a room dedicated to the latest private games for kids.
  • Holiday Inn Pinatage, which is considered one of the most luxurious hotels in Pinatage, and perhaps the most important feature of it is that it consists of two floors, the first floor overlooks the beach, and the second floor overlooks the street, and the hotel offers many varied services for its visitors, including marine games and fishing trips, In addition to free internet service.


  • Tree Monkey Restaurant.
  • Dean Mago Restaurant.
  • Constant Grandeur Coffee Restaurant.

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