Prehistoric monuments in Algeria

المسافرون العرب


The prehistoric period dates back to about five million years of humanity on this earth, and it continued until the writing was invented, and there is no doubt that the North African region was rich in human antiquities in the prehistoric period, especially in the Algerian state, and it may be due to its occurrence On the Mediterranean, where ancient people settled in places of seas and rivers.

Geological layers

In the geological layers dating back to the riverine terraces as well as the navy in Algeria, prehistoric traces were found, and most of them were found in tombs and caves from the tools of the ancient man, which include some stone axes, as well as fragments of stones, and some knives that were also made of elongated stones. , Which manipulated mankind in the past for use, and most of them belong to six hundred years BC.

Prehistoric monuments in Algeria

Cemeteries and caves:

  • One of the most important monuments left by ancient people in Algeria is the tombs, which date back to the prehistoric period.
  • Most of the tombs in Algeria congregate at the top of the Jebel Messid, in a place known as the Dead Monument
  • There are graves that were discovered later, located in the Cave of the Bears, which is estimated to be sixty meters long, located in the rock of North Constantine,
  • Cemeteries in Bakira district.
  • Al-Arwi Cave, located near the Cave of the Bears, is six meters long, and these two caves are among the most important archaeological sites of prehistoric times.
  • Graves located in the Al-Kharroub area in a site known as Khilwa Sidi Bou Hajar Qashqash.
  • Graves in Kaf Tasnaga, in Nuwara
  • The Megalithic Cemetery in Bunoara, which is thirty-two kilometers away from Constantine, located on the southwest slopes of Mount Mezala, and is known as the Dolomites, which means the rock tables, because it consists of several lime layers, with a vertical shape numbering no more than four blocks Forming a room that has the shape of a triangle, and usually these dolmen are surrounded by one stone forming a circle around it, and sometimes they come in the form of two or more circles, and the old man was burying his dead in this fortified form, and most of them were damaged or even disappeared.
  • Massinissa Shrine, as well as a shrine in the Lamb, as it is sixteen kilometers away from the city of Constantine, to the southeastern side of it, and it comes in the form of a tower with a square design, which has the form of terraces of stone traveling with three rows.
  • The Baznas cemeteries and also the Dolmen cemeteries are the most famous prehistoric cemeteries in Algeria, and there are some few monuments found in Bongri and also in Kerkyra.

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