Information about my experience and my visit to Abu Dhabi and the best places for tourism in Abu Dhabi, the attention of many people to the United Arab Emirates today is directed to tourism for its progress and prosperity in developing all its facilities, in addition to the excellence of services provided to tourists. And if you go to visit the Emirates, you must definitely get off first in the capital, Abu Dhabi, and Abu Dhabi is distinguished by many tourist destinations that you can spend your time with, between educational places and entertainment places.
If you pack your luggage and intend to visit Abu Dhabi, then sail with the Arab Travelers website first in this article, through which you will know how to spend a wonderful time during your visit.

My visit to Abu Dhabi is one of the most beautiful places of tourism in Abu Dhabi

There are many places that you can visit for tourism such as:

Heritage Village

  • The Heritage Village was opened in 1996.
  • It covers an area of ​​more than 16 thousand square meters.
  • It was created to display the life of the ancestors of the people of the Emirates and the environment in which they lived in various eras.
  • You can buy various souvenirs from artifacts and gifts from the traditional heritage of the Emirates.
  • It also includes a museum in which the tools and materials used by the predecessor are displayed in the past.
  • Some of the Islamic holdings are also presented as Koran handwritten.
  • It provides a logical entertainment for children.
  • Located on the beach in Abu Dhabi, you can, after finishing your tour, enjoy the amazing natural scenery.
  • You can also enjoy traditional Arabic food at the restaurant located inside the village.
  • A festival is held on the Thursday and Friday of every week, with a festival featuring entertainment passages on Emirati heritage.

Qasr al-Hosn

  • Qasr Al Hosn is the oldest historical building in Abu Dhabi.
  • It dates back to the seventeenth century and was the seat of wisdom for the family at the time.
  • It includes a large fortress and a major watchtower, as well as two circle shaped towers and two square shaped towers.
  • It features an eye-catching architectural design.
  • There are many restaurants and shopping centers around it after you end your visit to the fort.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

  • One of the most prominent tourist attractions in Abu Dhabi.
  • It is the fifth largest mosque in the world.
  • It can be enough for 40 thousand worshipers.
  • It contains four minarets, each of which reaches 107 meters.
  • The Dome of the Mosque is the largest mosque dome in the world, with a weight of about one ton.
  • It is distinguished by its white color that makes it look like strewed pearls.
  • There are pools around it that reflect its bright white color, making it more beautiful.
  • It includes a distinct lighting system.

Abu Dhabi beaches

Abu Dhabi is distinguished by a group of beaches that you can head to spend a wonderful time:
  • Al Raha Beach There are many islands next to you that you can visit by boat.
  • Yas Beach It is one of the quietest beaches, as it is best suited for relaxation and relaxation.
  • Al Bateen Beach Abu Dhabi It is characterized by the allocation of part of it to women only.
  • Corniche Beach One of the most famous and most visited beaches in Abu Dhabi.
  • Saadiyat Beach What distinguishes him most is the white sand.

Abu Dhabi Gardens

  • Khalidiya Park It is characterized by green spaces and the spread of various types of flowers throughout it, and there is also a dedicated area for children where they can spend their time playing.
  • Family garden It is one of the largest parks to visit because of its tranquility and charming natural scenery. It also includes a children’s play area and a restaurant area.
  • Khalifa Park It is one of the largest parks in Abu Dhabi. It is also distinguished by the green areas that it includes the marine museum and water park. You can also enjoy a train ride for wandering around.
  • Capital Park It is free for all, it includes a distinguished group of restaurants and cafes, and is located near the beach.

Abu Dhabi museums

  • The Louvre Abu Dhabi Created in cooperation with France in 2007, in the form of a city with low-rise white buildings and featuring an outstanding collection of art pieces.
  • The Water Museum It includes a set of tools used by the Emirati people at sea, as well as displays some forms of marine life in the Emirates.
  • Zayed Museum It displays the achievements made by Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan, founder of the Emirates, and includes a huge library that contains many different books.

Second, fun games in Abu Dhabi

There are more than one distinct place for fun games spread throughout Abu Dhabi are:

Marjan Water Park

  • Best suited to the family as it is a water park designed for children up to the age of twelve.
  • It contains 7 types of water games that suit all children and do not pose a danger to them.
  • It has a restaurant that serves delicious meals.

Yas Waterworld

  • Its design is distinguished by it reflects the architectural heritage of Emirati civilization.
  • It is one of the most important tourist destinations that opened in 2013.
  • It contains more than 40 fun games.
  • It has many shops, restaurants and cafes.
  • Its water roller coaster is the longest one in the Middle East.

Ferrari world

  • It is classified as the largest covered entertainment city in the world.
  • Its design is inspired by Ferrari cars.
  • It has many games that you can enjoy.
  • “Flying aces” in Ferrari do justice to the highest rollercoaster in the world.
  • The formula rossa in Ferrari is the fastest roller coaster in the world at speeds of 250 km per hour.
  • It provides an opportunity for adults and children to do a car racing experience under the guidance of experts.
  • It includes a miniature factory that mimics a Ferrari automobile factory, showing how cars are made.
  • It also includes a museum on the Ferrari collection.

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