The most prominent landmarks in Umm Al Quwain

المسافرون العرب

The most prominent landmarks guide in Umm Al Quwain Tourism and Entertainment, the Emirate of Umm Al Quwain in the United Arab Emirates is one of the quietest residential cities, as it is located quite far from the hustle and bustle of life, such as those in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, and Umm Al Quwain is located on the western shore of the Gulf shores, Life in it is similar to the peaceful life in the quiet villages, especially as there are wide green spaces for visitors to relax and relax especially in the days of winter and the warm climate. Here are the most important details for Arab travelers.

The most prominent landmarks in Umm Al Quwain:

  • Aeroclub Club:

It is the Emirates Aviation Club that was established under the supervision and care of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Mualla, and this club has many titles such as the title of the Championship Club and the skydiving club, and tourists and visitors to the club can enjoy a hot air balloon ride where flying through paragliding, and can go to him to start training at any time .

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  • Falaj Al Mualla Park:

It is several meters away from Umm Al Quwain Bridge, and there are many recreational services available in this park, where there are many facilities such as swimming pools for children and other for adults, and there are areas for barbecue meat and eating meals, a children’s playground, and places for renting tricycles, there can spend the most wonderful time In exploring nature there and doing leisure activities.

  • Maritime Center:

Also known as the horse riding center and located along the shaded beach front facing the lake, this center was built to attract tourists from all countries of the world, and this center contains 40 horses and increases with the availability of a qualified team of trainers for horse riding.

  • White Creek:

In the Khor Al Bayda area, you can enjoy the splendor of wildlife and many recreational places, especially that nature reserves cover more than 90 km in this area, there can be seen most types of rare animals, and watch many types of birds of all shapes and types, there can be seen wild animals Gulls and enjoy shallow lakes.

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  • Motor Racing Club:

It gives its visitors a great opportunity to enjoy the sport of walking up to long distances amid sand dunes and rough roads, and the races of horse-drawn carriages in large areas dedicated to this matter.

  • Aquarium:

It is suitable for fans and lovers of fish and marine creatures. It is considered a marine research center open to visitors and contains a number of coral reefs, marine creatures and snakes.

  • Palma bowling:

It is the largest place for bowling and there can be hot drinks and coffee on the beach.

  • Dreamland Aqua Park:

It is considered one of the multi-purpose parks, it is one of the largest water parks in the Emirates, with an area of ​​150 thousand m 2, with many water recreational activities that are suitable for young and old and many interactive activities.

The most beautiful sights in Umm Al Quwain:

  • Falaj Al Mualla Fort:

    This fort is located in the Falaj Al-Mualla oasis and is considered one of the most important wild fortresses in Umm Al Quwain, as it was built in 1825 during the period of Sheikh Abdullah bin Rashid, with the aim of being a first line of defense from the borders of the wild emirate, and was designed in the form of a square bordered by Mansour Tower to the north And the Al-Manshar tower to the south, and includes the fort inside it three lobbies and there is a Governing Council and a mosque and a room for women and another room for servants.

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  • Al-Ras Mosque:

    It is the Sheikh Ahmad bin Rashid Al Mualla Mosque, which is forgiven, as it is located in the Cape region, so it is known as the Ras Mosque. The mosque was opened in 1977, and has a capacity of approximately 1,200 worshipers. The mosque is distinguished by its ancient engineering architecture inspired by the architecture that was widespread in ancient times.

  • Umm Al Quwain Museum:

    This museum is embracing an archaeological fort dating back to the year 1786, where it was established by Sheikh Rashid bin Majid Al Mualla with the aim of being a center of government and to be a residence for the ruling family, as it was used for defensive purposes, and in 1969 the fort was transformed into a museum, and the museum includes many pieces Ancient artifacts dating back thousands of years.

  • Camel Racing:

    The camel race is among the most popular sports in the UAE, and Umm Al Quwain owns a camel race track that attracts many fans of that sport, this track overlooks a wonderful view of the dunes and terrain surrounding the place.

  • Umm Al Quwain:

    There are many islands in Umm Al Quwain with a charming view and stunning nature, where white sand separates these islands from a number of narrow streams of water only, and these islands were classified as natural reserves because of the natural richness of the flora and wild life, and one of the most beautiful of these islands We find Al-Sinaiyah Island, which is the largest island of Umm Al Quwain, and this island includes many historical monuments such as historical cemeteries, the day tower and the Tower of the Sea. Al-Sunainah Island is home to many birds and animals in addition to fish wealth.

  • Sailing ship yard:

    Craftsmen in the Emirates are still vying to compete strongly in the manufacture of traditional boats in the yard of sailing ships, which is one of the most prominent tourist attractions in the Emirate of Umm Al Quwain. The yard of sailing ships is located in the old town, which includes many old houses built of stones.

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