The village of Messi Bursa .. You must try breakfast on the distinct Nilufer River

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The historic village of Messi Bursa attracts many visitors due to its ingredients that enabled it to obtain a decision from the Turkish Ministry of Culture to become a protected area with the aim of preserving its picturesque nature and its ancient monumental houses.

The village of Messi Bursa

The village of Messi is located, or as it is called in the Turkish Messi Koy, which is affiliated to the city of Bursa, 12 km from the city center and it is one of its oldest villages, was established about 2000 years ago, in the Newfel area, and it contains many hiking places and restaurants and its visit is an irreplaceable opportunity especially If you were in the Turkish city of Bursa because of the beauty of its beautiful nature, the village of Messi Koy was known in the old village of Messia where a group of Christians from the followers of Monk Alex, who had an archaeological copy of the Bible, followed him, and it was said that this evangelical version is still buried. In the village of Messi somewhere, which gave it religious importance.

The reason for Messi Koy’s reputation

It is said that he did not visit an inch of people who did not visit “Messi”, as the village of Messi Bursa is famous for the spread of silkworm breeding in it and thus increasing the volume of its production of silk threads every year, which generates a great return on the economy of Bursa, and in the past the village was famous for making wine as one of the sources of earning The basic livelihood for its people.

Food in the village of Messi Koy

One of the most famous foods that the village of Messi Bursa is famous for is grape leaf in addition to molasses and wine, and the wine is among the finest and most luxurious of all types, along with the grilled kofta provided by restaurants and cafes located along the river.

Arrive at Messi Koy

You can reach the village of Messe Bursa, the B-20 / B or B / 20A bus route, which departs periodically from Acemler station. You can rent a car with a driver from Istanbul or Bursa to accompany you on transfers within the villages and cities of Bursa, preferably from the people of the city until it is on Knowledgeable about its features, besides that city drivers are distinguished by their low wages compared to drivers from outside the city, which helps you reduce your expenses and enjoy all the sights of the city.

Travel advice to Missy Coy

One of the most important travel advice to the village of Messi Bursa is to eat your breakfast at the Nilufer River, a small river in the middle of the village, to enjoy this unique experience, where you find restaurant tables placed in the heart of the river, enabling you to eat breakfast while placing your feet inside the wonderful fresh water of the river, and do not forget to pick up Many memorial photos of this experience.The village of Messi Bursa .. You must try breakfast - The village of Messi Bursa .. You must try breakfast on the distinct Nilufer RiverTravel advice to Messi Koy – Messi Bursa village

Entertainment in Messi Bursa

When you visit Bursa, do not forget to head to the village of Messi Koy, and you can plan to visit it during one of your days in Bursa by going to the car early for breakfast on the bank of the river as we mentioned, and you can get lunch in Haji Dai restaurant, but for dinner you can Get it at a restaurant in the Carrefour complex, which is one of the tourist places in Messi. Do not forget to visit Oulu Mosque, in addition to trying and enjoying the car racing game, in addition to visiting the silk market and the roof market, and from the tips of visiting the village of Messi Bursa; go to it on all days of the week Except for Sunday, due to the shutdown of S. S silk in this day of every week.


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