Road safety and the prevention of traffic accidents is one of the most important things that should not be tampered with, and observe them with caution, as we penetrate the roads either by walking, riding or in any way to meet our needs every day.
It was noticed how many road accidents occurred in the end of the century that we live in, especially the excessive and unjustified speed that made each building a rapid demolition, as it was previously said that safety is careful and is what we need today in all our work, which does not include unnecessarily slow and procrastination as well.
In Egypt, the central government agency revealed the characteristics of general mobilization of data and population statistics on the scale of the high number of accidents associated with driving various types of cars, the result of which was and the high number of victims, whether they were dead or injured on the roads.
For the number of car accidents from just two years to reach nearly fifteen thousand accidents other than those who were not registered, with a rise and height of one percent over the previous year, i.e. 2014, which is indicated by statistics with catastrophic products in damaged vehicles, human loss and dangerous and minor cases of hospitalized patients, it is estimated in thousands.
On the railroad side, that year also witnessed an increase of eighteen and three percent of rail traffic accidents on the rail tracks, and some attributed it to the neglect of private lanes and the recklessness of drivers, especially drivers of cars, in the accidents that struck between a train and a car, which was less in the year The previous one.
It is unfortunate that this severe amount of lives and properties are wasted for ignorance and haste, and perhaps the loss of patience is the most important reason, and for that it is necessary to study the rules of road safety and prevention of accidents in schools and confirm them every year, and publish awareness campaigns for adults, illiterates and drivers in them, while punishing the neglected and fix technical reasons Additional to this defect.

Definition of road peace:

  • Road safety can be defined as the set of steps and rules that must be followed to preserve human souls and reduce collision rates and exposure to sudden accidental accidents on the roads.
  • Initially, we cannot talk about road safety rules without understanding talk about the causes of traffic accidents, which can be summarized as follows:
  • Lack of traffic regulation – drivers’ failure to adhere to traffic rules and driving at crazy speeds, speaking on the phone while driving, and not wearing seatbelts – failure to allocate places for pedestrian crossing – failure of cars or other means of periodic maintenance – road demolitions – lack of strict laws governing the driving process
  • How to prevent road accidents:

    There are some rules that if followed, we can reduce road accidents, including:

    • Fixing the above reasons, traffic rules are to be adhered to, pedestrian crossing places are to be avoided by traffic lights for cars and pedestrians with a supervised traffic security officer in various parts of Egypt, especially rural and congested ones, tightening control over transport, and intensifying traffic campaigns.
    • Stress in granting driving licenses, and it is only granted after passing many tests to ensure the safety of the driver and pedestrians, periodic maintenance of vehicles, periodic maintenance of roads and their renewal and removal of obstacles on both sides of the road and an intermediate allocation between the two directions in violation of high traffic areas for pedestrians and walkers. Spreading traffic awareness among citizens
    • Providing some training courses for drivers that make them aware of the extent of their responsibility to preserve people’s lives.
    • Putting traffic instructions and clarifying their meanings and the danger of not adhering to them in educational curricula, attention to driving schools, and careful education for graduates from them.
    • It also reduces the pressure on private transportation, so mass transportation is devoted to government and private interests of its employees.
    • A lot of traffic awareness campaigns through various media such as newspapers or newspapers called newspapers, television and the Internet, billboards, and flyers, and others.
    • The family’s interest in educating the child, since his childhood, about the rules of the ways to keep him safe.
    • And the last of all of the above can only be done by setting an urgent plan by the state that includes all the previous rules, and works to implement and follow them.
    • In the end, we should remember that our religion took care of our lives, so when we are not keen on it by following simple indicative matters, this is clear to us through the words of God Almighty in his noble book: “And do not throw your hands into the perish” Surah An-Nisa ’29, human safety and saving lives Citizens are more important than anything.

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