Rome’s Cheap Markets … Find Out!

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Rome is one of the most famous fashion capitals around the world, and of course it is impossible to leave without shopping, and enjoy the most beautiful and latest fashion. However, some may be left behind, given their limited expenses or because they think that the city includes only luxury shopping destinations. But in fact, Rome has many cheap markets where you can enjoy shopping.

The best cheap markets in Rome .. the latest fashion at the lowest costs

Via del Governo Vecchio Via del Governo Vecchio The Via del Governo Vecchio is a great shopping area, if you are looking for a collection of authentic clothes, accessories, and shoes all at low prices making it one of the best cheap markets in Rome. The market is also full of a bunch of small shops, restaurants, and cafes so the fun in this place will not be limited to shopping only. Don’t miss too wandering the old streets surrounding the market where you can find more stores, and other assortments of clothes, shoes, and accessories.الأسواق الرخيصة في روما .. تعرّف عليها - Rome's Cheap Markets ... Find Out!Via del Governo Vecchio Read also: Rome’s popular markets

Mercato Monti

Mercato Monte is a destination for many locals, especially on holidays. In search of authentic clothing pieces, and the work of new designers. The place is not just about clothes, and fashion there are also great artworks. This is alongside accessories, shoes, and bags. So if you are someone who loves excellence, and the unique pieces are an ideal place for you, with prices much lower than other shopping places in the city, so one of the cheapest markets in Rome.1581226435 66 الأسواق الرخيصة في روما .. تعرّف عليها - Rome's Cheap Markets ... Find Out!Mercato Monti

Ponte Milvio Market

Ponte Millview Market has a charming view, located near the River Tifer, and is an ideal destination for antique lovers, and buy some distinctive souvenirs at the lowest prices. Open air, offers you shopping at low prices, while enjoying the wonderful atmosphere of Rome, which is one of the reasons that make it among the best cheap markets in Rome. The market takes place on the second Sunday of every month.1581226435 658 الأسواق الرخيصة في روما .. تعرّف عليها - Rome's Cheap Markets ... Find Out!Ponte Milvio Market Read also: Travel advice to Rome ..

Via Cola di Rinzo

Via Cola di Renzo is located behind the Church of Sant’Angelo, one of the cheapest markets in Rome. A shopping destination for medium-priced stores, always crowded. It has a wide variety of designer stores and international street brands, including a brandy store; a teenage fashion destination located in a cellar, but it provides a wonderful and distinctive selection that you will not find in other stores. There is also a queen; one of the most important department stores in Rome; after finishing shopping, you can have a delicious snack at Castrone; a restaurant that serves delicious Italian dishes, as well as a range of international dishes.1581226435 90 الأسواق الرخيصة في روما .. تعرّف عليها - Rome's Cheap Markets ... Find Out!Via Cola di Rinzo

Porto Portese Flea Market

Porto Porte’s Flea Market, the largest market in the city, takes place every Sunday morning, and locals and tourists flock to it in search of the best products at the lowest prices and deals, so one of the best cheap markets in Rome. It is also a place where you must use your purchasing skills. The market is filled with thousands of stalls and sellers, offering various types of used and new products at the lowest prices such as clothes, antiques, furniture, jewelry, accessories, food and counterfeit products.1581226435 36 الأسواق الرخيصة في روما .. تعرّف عليها - Rome's Cheap Markets ... Find Out!
Porto Portese Flea Market

Borghetto Flaminio

A destination that locals flock to in search of good, affordable items such as clothes, antiques, ornaments and accessories. A good place to shop if you are a fan of authentic pieces. It is held every Sunday morning and is quiet so you will not face the problem of crowding and pressure. There is also an entrance fee of about one and a half euros.1581226435 114 الأسواق الرخيصة في روما .. تعرّف عليها - Rome's Cheap Markets ... Find Out!Borghetto Flaminio


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