Rosenborg Castle is considered one of the best tourist areas in Austria, as it is one of the places that attract the attention of tourists from all regions of the world and this is due to its unique shape, as this castle was built by two people.
They worked in commerce and were related to the brotherhood of brothers called Karl, Hansrozenburg and this in the year 1583 where that castle has historically been their own house that was later used as a school and was converted to the seat of the city council and this in the 1970’s.
It has remained on this situation until the present day, as Rosenborg Castle is characterized by many old buildings inside it, where this castle includes four floors from the inside and has four towers, as this castle is one of the most beautiful areas that exist in Zell am See and is one of the most important tourist places in Austria .

Rosenborg Castle:

This castle is one of the most important tourist attractions that exist in the city of Zell am See, which attracts a large number of tourists annually and this is because it is a unique castle that was built several years ago, and the areas that neighboring it are characterized by the beauty of natural.
There are many wonderful and distinctive flowers and trees around it, as this castle has a different position among the villagers, where many residents go to spend official holidays and vacations in a distinctive family atmosphere, and we will get to know the best places that can be visited in that city and enjoy tourism from During it.

The best activities that can be held in the Rosenborg Zell am See castle:

There are many different activities that you should get to know at Rosenborg Castle as it is one of the great great tourist areas that a large number of tourists come to, and it also includes many interesting activities which are:

  • Wandering inside the castle and getting to know all the monuments that are inside, which allows us to see the best buildings and the splendor of their architecture, from the outside it represents four different towers, while from the inside there are four floors on each floor of a room that has many contents as there is a distinctive garden outside All the flowers are wonderful and distinctive.
  • As this castle is distinguished by its excellent location, it is located in the old quarter in Zell am See, for this we can stay with it for a large period of time, as this castle is one of the most important tourist attractions in Zell am See where you can get acquainted with many of the landmarks of that town and study its history.
  • Where you can visit the museum called Stadt while it is next to the castle, where you can enjoy watching many different artifacts and these pieces can beautify the city of Zell am See, where you can know its ancient history and even those days.
  • Where there are a lot of cafes and restaurants distinguished on both sides of this castle, where you can take a break and eat your own food and drink, and then wander around again in the castle and the various places around it, where you can enjoy the most beautiful areas when you eat your food, especially in the old quarter.

Rosenborg Zell am See Hotels – Rosenburg:

There are some different and distinctive hotels beside the castle, where all the hotels next to them are very distinctive and have a lot of great specifications, and this is what was confirmed by clients who had previously stayed in them, and among the most famous of those hotels are:

  • Tsum Hirschen Hotel: This hotel is one of the four stars and it is located in Zell am See, and it is one of the most prominent and prestigious hotels located there as it is several steps away from the castle, as it has many distinguished services, which drives many to stay in it, as it was granted an evaluation certificate by customers and got a good appreciation Very much in all his works.
  • Steinerwirt Boutique Hotel 1493: This hotel is considered one of the most prominent and best hotels in Austria, this hotel is very far from the castle, where this hotel got a good evaluation in the cleaning work and the staff, as for the rooms, there are no air conditioners, and this disturbed some of the people as for the parking It had a return, and this is what some of the visitors criticized.

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