Sefrou city

المسافرون العرب

Sefrou city

Sefrou is located in the southeast of the city of Fez-Boulemane in Morocco, at the foot of the Mediterranean Atlas Mountains, is a small Moroccan city, founded before the city of Fez, is the second largest city in Fez, located at an altitude of 809 meters above sea level, with a population of what About 65,150 people,
It was called Sefrou in relation to the Berber tribe that inhabited it and was known as the Sefrou people. The city consisted of two parts in the past: the old city, and the second section: the castle; they are considered the historical basis of the city until now.

The history of the city of Sefrou

Sefrou means the concealed area. Despite the small size of the city, its history was the basis for coexistence of a different group of religions. It is an example of a tolerant city where there are three types of religions that have continued to coexist for very long periods. These religions are: Islam, the Jewish religion, And the Christian religion, the city is distinguished by its important strategic location between Seljama and Tafilalet towards the Mediterranean Sea. It is an important and distinctive commercial location, which led to the establishment of navigation and commercial facilities by the traders who inhabited the region. It has been keen since ancient times to keep the region in a state of stability and humiliation To keep the commercial road, building the city is characterized by simplicity and high-rise high walls so as to counter any external attack, more than what the city is famous for its many fruit and kings love branded Shetty; it is the only city that is characterized by the production of these quantities of fruit property in Morocco

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Kings Love Festival

It is considered one of the oldest festivals in Morocco, held annually, it was held for the first time in 1919 AD, on the occasion of picking cherries, which is the city of Sefrou is famous, and in the festival is the selection of the Kingdom of Beauty of Kings Love and its runner-up. A number of artistic paragraphs and carts to display cherry fruit, are strolled throughout the city, and in the period of the French rule over the region the idea was developed in 1934, and the straw doll was replaced into a true queen and the King of Love Festival became an official establishment, and it was classified by UNESCO World Heritage.

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