Sharm El Sheikh, the recommended tourist places

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A comprehensive information guide on the most beautiful places of tourism and entertainment in Sharm El Sheikh for families and young people, each classification separately, where the city of Sharm El Sheikh is located in one of the governorates of Egypt, which is the governorate of South Sinai, and this city is the largest in terms of area and is most attractive to visitors and tourists, it is one of the most popular destinations Tourist that attracts tourists from all over the world, due to the geographical and tourist diversity that this city enjoys, as this city is famous for its high-end resorts and the presence of the best diving sites in it, because it contains a huge number of the finest and most luxurious tourist facilities.
As it attracts huge numbers of foreign and domestic tourists, besides that this city is distinguished by the diversity of the tourist life in it, between the nature activities that are characterized by calm and the activities of modern life that are characterized by clamor, which removes boredom or boredom from the feeling of the tourist, and the many tourist places in Sharm El Sheikh are what Among the upscale resorts, popular markets, beaches, festivals, safari parties, diving trips to the desert and other tourist activities, and popular traditional activities that give a distinctive fragrant when visiting the place, we will get to know it in more detail on the website of Arab travelers.

Important tips before visiting Sharm El Sheikh?

  • Firstly, for every tourist before traveling to Sharm El-Sheikh, especially if this visit is the first time, he must outline the journey before he is concerned with travel, and specify the desired tourist attractions, so that any of the internet sites can be used.
  • Secondly, there must be some comfortable clothes and comfortable shoes for walking in the travel bag. This tourist city is considered relatively small and it is preferable to be discovered by wandering its roads and streets, besides that safari trips in the desert require the presence of comfortable shoes and clothes, while not forgetting some elegant clothes to match Visit fine restaurants or any of the nightclubs.
  • Making sure to choose the right hotel, as this is one of the guarantees of the success of your trip, so you can choose between hotels via various internet sites and choose the hotel according to some criteria such as the proximity to the airport or the type of gym in it and whether there are health clubs and massages or not and other.

Sharm El Sheikh, the recommended places to visit:

  • Ras Mohamed Reserve:

This reserve is considered to be a place that has had a strong contribution to placing the city of Sharm El Sheikh within the tourist map, as this reserve is surrounded by a number of the best diving sites in the world, and it is also considered an important habitat for a very beautiful salt lake, and is considered a citizen of one of the most beautiful mangrove forests Located in the far north of the world, and surrounded by a number of the most beautiful beaches of the world, so while visiting this district must go to the Shark Observatory in order to enjoy seeing this area that overlooks the Red Sea better.
The Ras Mohammed reserve is 12 km away from Sharm El Sheikh, and its area is about 850 km. It includes each of Tiran and Sanafir islands in addition to many rare fossils, as it contains more than 150 different types of coral reefs, in addition to the presence of many types of birds It is different and many marine animals and rare insects. Among the most important areas in this district is the enchanted pond area that depends on the tidal phenomena. Among the most distinguishing areas of Ras Muhammed is the coral reefs found in the depths of the water ocean, as well as the caves found in the depths and colored fish. It enriches diving-friendly areas, as it is a prime destination for most divers worldwide, and was declared a nature reserve in 1983.

  • Ne’ema bay :

Naama Bay is the most popular and attractive area for tourists in Sharm El Sheikh, as this region is located in the heart of Sharm El Sheikh, it is possible to see coral reefs by going for a trip to the glass bot, and you can also swim in the wonderful Red Sea waters and swim with charming colorful fish This region is the meeting point for both the Gulf of Suez and the Gulf of Aqaba. This region is characterized by the splendor of its water and the beauty of its fine sandy beaches. It is also one of the favorite places for diving enthusiasts where diving or water skiing can be practiced and sailing can also be sailing by boat. H.
The streets of the Naama Bay region are distinguished by its wide area, and the names of Egyptian and Arab leaders have been launched on the streets of this region, and the Naama Bay area is crowded with cafes, cafes and famous restaurants and there are the most famous shops of international brands, as well as the finest malls specialized in selling diving and swimming tools, and selling souvenirs Antiques, selling accessories and the finest clothes, in any case, it is a wonderful and diverse place in which there are many hotels at all different levels to suit all levels and budgets.

  • Shark’s Bay:

There is in the north side of Naama Bay, as it is a very elegant beach area, and is known as the Shark Bay area, and this region includes a number of luxurious five-star tourist resorts, and it is considered one of the most suitable places for those who want to relax and be completely calm to get the best facilities Service throughout their stay in Sharm El Sheikh, and in the recent period the Soho Shopping Center was opened, this center is a comprehensive entertainment center with a number of high-end shops and restaurants.

  • Drowning:

It is a very impressive tourist area that millions of tourists visit every year to practice diving, and to see the ship sinking, this water ship that was drowned in this region during the Second World War in 1941 and there is the top of the ship above the water and down there At a depth of 24 meters from under the sea, the ship still maintains most of its contents such as personal sailors’ tools, missiles, bombs, tanks, etc., and this ship was found in 1956, so this area can be reached by riding a boat from the city of Sharm El-Sheikh while sailing inside Sea term Three and a half hours to reach it, this area is suitable for diving enthusiasts, who want to enjoy watching the picturesque reefs.

  • Tiran Island:

The arrival to Tiran Island is one of the most wonderful trips, as it is reached on the back of one of the yachts, to reach this island, which is located near Sharm El Sheikh, and there are allowed tourists to practice swimming or do snorkelling.

  • Yolandal Reef:

This reef is considered one of the best diving sites, and it is one of the most popular and famous areas of the northern region of the Red Sea, as this region is located within the Ras Muhammad Reserve, so divers can go to this area to search for the wreck of the Yoland, this Cypriot ship that sank in 1980 It is home to coral communities known as coral sharks.

  • Nabq Reserve:

This wonderful reserve is located at a distance of 35 kilometers from the city of Sharm El Sheikh, in the area between Sharm El Sheikh and Dahab, it is located near the mountain and monastery of St. Catherine and is located near the city of Taba, this reserve contains a huge number of animals, rodents, birds, rare fish, reptiles and invertebrates Also, this park contains a unique plant system, and the number of plants subject to extinction is at least 86 plants. This reserve was officially declared as a reserve in 1992, and it is considered one of the most suitable areas with desert campers, diving lovers, and seeing rare animals and birds.

  • Soho Square:

Soho Square is located in the Al-Gharqana area, and it has a dancing fountain in addition to the presence of many wonderful antiques, and many shops and bazaars of various colors and shapes.

  • Umm al-Sid Plateau:

This area is considered one of the oldest areas in Sharm El Sheikh, as it is considered the main part of the city, it has most of the government departments, and there are branches of the main banks in the city of Sharm El Sheikh, and there is a post office, a number of government schools and language schools, and there is the city council In addition to the presence of the diverse and famous Mercato Mall, there are a large number of beaches and hotels in addition to the possibility to enjoy the turquoise beach.

  • Glass Pot Tours:

It is a glass-based boat that gives an opportunity to see the colorful fish on the sea floor, and the glass boat trips are very suitable for people who do not know diving, and they are also beautiful and cheap trips.

  • Head or master:

This area is considered one of the best beaches of Sharm, and it is one of the important tourist destinations in the city, as it is located on the southern end of the city of Shirk Sheikh, where it is located near the lighthouse, and there are dozens of people who enjoy walking on the beautiful fine sandy beach, with the ability to see coral reefs Which is located close to the surface, there is one of the diving trips can be shared in order to explore the coral reef area, and this area is considered one of the most ideal sites for beginners divers.

  • Aqua park :

It is one of the important amusement parks that provide a group of modern water entertainment games, and there are many and varied games in them to suit all age groups, and the park contains many hotel rooms and luxurious restaurants, which provides visitors with luxury accommodations in the park for several days, this is beside the presence Many tourist facilities provide luxury for tourists throughout their stay in the park.

  • Gardens :

On the northern side of Naama Bay there are gardens of coral reef colonies, which are located along the shores of the coast, and the park area is divided into several areas, which are the nearby park and the central park, finally the maximum area that is going from the beach by boat.

  • Hollywood Sharm El-Sheikh:

This place is one of the most magnificent places of Sharm El Sheikh, as it is located about ten minutes from Naama Bay, and in this beautiful area there is a fountain of dancing with a wonderful shape, and there are a number of games for young children besides the presence of a number of bazaars, shops and tourist shops.

  • One Thousand and One Nights :

A thousand and one nights show that attracts many tourists every day, especially those who have the desire to get acquainted with the historical and civilized aspects, and the aim of these shows is to display the Pharaonic history of Egypt and display the nature of its civilization that spanned thousands of years, where these offers are made within a closed complex, It has many restaurants, cafes and shops specialized in selling souvenirs.

  • Dolphin Shows:

Every day there are two shows for dolphins, and these offers are found with shit from the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, in each show there are over 500 people, most of whom are Arabs, Russians and Italians.

  • the old market :

This market is concerned with selling essential things, not selling entertainment things, where vegetables, fruits, fish, etc. are sold.

  • The old commercial market:

The old market is considered one of the old areas of Sharm El Sheikh and it is characterized by its great heritage character, as it is located in the mountain area and there are many shops where goods and goods are sold at regular and non-tourist prices, besides there are a number of tourist bazaars and there is a Bedouin heritage village that It is an important destination for most tourists, in addition to the presence of pergolas, public gardens and a number of family sessions.
It is located near this market, the Sharm el-Sheikh Sports Club, in which there are a number of diverse sports and there are football pitches, tennis courts, a swimming pool and others, and this market is one of the important tourist attractions in Sharm El Sheikh, and this market is known as Sharm El Maya, and it is considered the main market in the city As Arab lamps decorate it and illuminate the area next to traditional hookahs and many artworks made of wood, it is preferable to visit this market at sunset in order to enjoy the enjoyment of shopping under lower temperatures.

  • The popular market:

This market includes many of the most wonderful souvenirs that are related to the civilization of the Pharaohs, in which local products are sold, and prices in this market are characterized by relatively low prices compared to the commercial markets in the city, and this market is considered one of the most important tourist places in the city

  • Safari:

Four-wheeled motorcycle, jet-ski or cars in the heart of the Sinai desert, which is characterized by the smoothness of its golden sands, this pleasant trip that gives an enormous opportunity to see many landmarks while roaming, where there are a number of colored ropes in addition to a number of other monuments, and at the end of this trip can be addressed Charcoal grilled bed and dinner Bedouin tea, with the possibility to enjoy the beautiful desert during the night, and fans of excitement can camp there.

  • Cruises :

It is considered one of the important things that can be done while in Sharm El Sheikh, this most wonderful cruise during the independence of the yacht or sailboat and reaching the island of Tiran to see the city of Sharm, and to get around the city and see its sights by the sea view, then diving and watching the sunken ship And enjoy watching coral reefs and seeing colorful fish during the trip to the island.

The most popular tourist places for families in Sharm El Sheikh:

  • Dolphina Park:

It is a water park and garden, and it is one of the most famous tourist places in Sharm El Sheikh and is suitable for families, in which many shows are held around the clock, by four dolphins, who are skilled and the unit of intelligence, as the dolphins play several acrobatic games, it is It is possible to go on a quarter-hour tour with dolphins, and it is also possible to make a full day reservation and then train with the dolphins and play with them.

  • Al Fanar Beach and Lighthouse:

This place is considered one of the best tourist places in Sharm El Sheikh, suitable for families. Al-Fanar beach and lighthouse are among the ideal destinations that combine the enjoyment of their time by young and old, the sand of this beach is very soft and clear, and the charming sun and its pure and clear waters, in addition to the picturesque colors of the coral menstruation, Each of these things has its own pleasure, which makes visitors not leave the place, and there is a lighthouse that decorates the horizon at sunset, which makes it an ideal place to take some pictures and memorize unforgettable moments, as it is possible to lie on the beach or You will enjoy some time, or go on a diving tour, and this place has an Italian restaurant that serves delicious meals and delicious drinks.

  • Aqua Blue Water Park:

This wonderful place is suitable for families and children, it contains forty-four water spaces designated for play, and there are nine swimming pools, and this amusement park is one of the finest water parks in the world, where there is a huge number of games, and there is a very sophisticated tourist resort And, these clubs contain children’s clubs and tennis courts, and there are basketball courts, massage rooms and billiards rooms.

  • Terazina:

This private beach, which differs from all the beaches in the city of Sharm El-Sheikh, as it is famous for its enjoyable family atmosphere, celebrations are held permanently, and there are many sports to entertain young and old, unlike the rest of the beaches of Sharm El-Sheikh, which are always concerned with marine life, swimming and diving, The beach staff is friendly and caters to the needs of visitors instantly. There are many cafes and restaurants on the beach.

  • Coptic Church:

This church is considered one of the most important monuments in Sharm El Sheikh, and one of the oldest churches in Egypt and the world, this church is characterized by the splendor of its design and its picturesque beauty, where the stained glass that gives it a very charming atmosphere when the light passes through it, in addition to the presence of many picturesque drawings and paintings In the mural, there is a church in the church to introduce the history and importance of this place.

  • Ghibli Racecourse:

It is considered one of the wonderful destinations that are impossible to forget in the memory of young and old, in which racing races are like a Formula, suitable for beginners and non-professionals, where the staff explains the nature of the race, and there is a special team for children, and after the completion of the training period can start the track In order to enjoy excitement and fun.

  • Habibi Restaurant:

This restaurant is considered a destination for many visitors to Sharm El Sheikh, this restaurant specializes in providing grilled food, and this restaurant is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Sharm El Sheikh, because of its delicious food and low prices, you can eat grilled meat dishes with friends or family members in exchange for a sum of money Simple, the staff at this restaurant are friendly and customers feel as if they are eating at home.


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