Barcelona is a distinguished city for tourists and shopping in Barcelona has another taste different from all countries, as Barcelona is the most important shopping city in Spain, but what attracts shoppers is the high quality and low prices! And the site of Arab travelers will take you on a tour of the most famous shopping places in Barcelona.

Shopping in Barcelona:

Opening times in most markets:

Most shops and malls are open from 10:00 AM to 20:30 PM (8:30 PM) or to 21:30 PM (9:30 PM). Traditional stores (places where to buy food) are open from 10:00 AM to 14:00 (2 PM) and from 16:30 (4:30 PM) to 20:30 (8:30 PM).

the sales:

Winter clothes begin to appear fully in the second week of January and continue until the end of February. Summer clothes begin to appear on July 1 and continue until the end of August.

how to pay:

Most people pay in cash or by credit card, but when using a credit card you must show your passport or ID card.

Shopping street Passeig de Gracia – Pasig de Gracia:

Now we will talk about the most elegant and modern streets of Barcelona “Passeig de Gracia” and you can say that it is the most beautiful street in Barcelona, ​​where the street overlooks trees with many beautiful engineering buildings, in addition to this you can find the best Barcelona hotels and restaurants on this street. The most important characteristic of this The street is that you can find most of the major stores of the most famous Spanish and international luxury brands. In addition, you will find the main branch of the Barcelona Barcelona.Shopping in Barcelona .. Shop different taste!Shopping street Passeig de Gracia – Passeig de Gracia Shopping also read: Barcelona’s popular markets

Primark – Primark store:

One of the most famous places to shop in Barcelona is a lover of fashion lovers and low prices and it is the Irish Primark store that has several branches around the world and among the most famous of these branches is their branch in Barcelona, ​​the store offers a variety of products such as: children and women and men clothes, home furniture, accessories Spanish cosmetics and sweets products too! The first Primark store was opened in Dublin, the capital of Ireland in 1969, under the name Bennis. Today you can find more than 320 stores in eleven countries throughout Europe and America.Primark - The Primark StorePrimark – The Primark Store

La Roca Village Barcelona – La Roca Village Barcelona:

The largest outlet mall in Barcelona is indeed the largest mall in all of Europe and therefore tourists come to visit the mall in large numbers every year. The mall is located in a small street with many outlet markets near the city center; and you can find there are many luxury brands All of them offer great discounts all year round. You can enjoy a lot here, from visiting the luxury stores in your spare time, to shopping at great prices and tasting the finest types of food and drinks in the cafes and restaurants of the village. With a rich collection of tourist places around the place, it is easy to organize a visit Don’t forget around La Rocca Village. The pain opens For from 10:00 to 21:00 you can access the mall via bus or train from the official Sants.moqa Station Mall: La Roca Village Outlet BarcelonaLa Roca Village Barcelona - La Roca Village BarcelonaLa Roca Village Barcelona – La Roca Village BarcelonaRead also: The outlet in Barcelona … the shopper’s paradise!

Maremagnum – Maremagnum:

The largest and most beautiful mall in Barcelona, ​​where the mall is located by the sea and on the edge of the building, you will see people relax on the wooden walkway with sunlight and watch the boats enter and leave the port. You can find all the international brands that you love in this mall at moderate prices. The mall also includes cinemas and many activities Recreation due to its presence on a peninsula surrounded by water on all sides. In short, it is a wonderful and romantic place surrounded by the sea, where you can find it in the city center, it is a shopping center, a children’s garden and luxurious restaurants that offer delicious Spanish and Japanese sea food .. Certainly it is a great place .times of work:
Daily from 10 am to 10 pm.
Sunday closed.Maremagnum - MaremagnumMaremagnum – MaremagnumMaremagnum - MaremagnumMaremagnum – Maremagnum

La Boqueria – La Bocoria Market:

Labocuria Market is the oldest vegetable, fruit, meat and seafood market in Barcelona, ​​but in all of Europe; it is located in the middle of La Rambla Street, but you can say that it is a tourist attraction more than a market! You can go to this market, you can go to this market and buy some foods and cook them in your home, or you can buy food and ask the restaurants that you will find to cook for you.La Boqueria - Lapuqueria MarketLa Boqueria – Lapuqueria Market

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