When you travel to a new country or city the last thing you want to do, contempt or insult the locals on purpose or not. Singapore is located in Asia, therefore; it is influenced by many Asian customs and traditions. In order to be able to enjoy your tourist journey, in the midst of this wonderful developed country full of lots and lots to discover, without committing any foolishness or error.

Here are the most important and strange customs and traditions of Singapore that you must follow

Take off your shoes before entering the house before entering the house

Taking off your shoes before entering the house is one of the most important customs and traditions of Singapore and this applies to any private property. You can take off your shoes next to the door, and wear a slipper. This habit is found in most Asian countries, because they are keen on cleaning the house. You also can’t go around the house as you wish, or like you don’t care. Don’t forget to take off your shoes before entering any temple or mosque.Take off your shoes before entering the home before entering the house Read also: Children’s attractions in Singapore

Call all older people aunty / uncle

Not everyone in Singapore is related, but it is a tradition that respects and appreciates. Calling people by their names, even if you do not know them, indicates that you are underestimating them, and so despising them; do not forget that habit wherever you go in Singapore.

Commitment to the Grade Please ‘Q’

The Singapore people settle for anything, if you are going to buy a meal from McDonald’s or a game from a game store, or even an iPhone, you must stick to the class. The class may go a long way, and you will stand for not much time but, however, do not try to cut the row Never that is the most thing that the Singapore locals hate. Sometimes it may be difficult for you to distinguish if it is; people are wandering around or forming a row so it is best to ask before you make a mistake.
You may also find people forming a class, without the need for it. But this is only from your point of view, wherever there is a class in Singapore, there is a real and rewarding reason for it.Commitment to the Grade Please ‘Q’

Take care of your eating stick Mind your chopsticks

Singapore’s eating stick and all the Asian countries used are of great interest. So it’s not just a gadget, it’s a lot to show off. Never try to put your food stick up, this is one of Singapore’s customs and traditions that they should always follow.
You might do it so that it does not turn around, but the Singapore people only do it at funerals so, this is a bad omen. They also don’t try to give someone a bowl of rice with you, with a stick of food placed up there, that means you wish for death. It is best to put the stick across the width of the dish, or on its own tray. Also put the stick on the plate, and start eating. Do not try to adjust it before putting it on the plate, as this is not an etiquette there.Mind your chopsticks Read also: New Zealand customs and traditions

Book with a Chope with tissue

If you encounter and enter the hall of the Hawkar Center during the lunch period; one of the most famous destinations in Singapore, and you find the hall full, but fortunately for you, you find an empty table, and after your sitting you see a box of napkins on the table. Those are not special to the food court, or someone forgot about them before you were eating . Unfortunately, it means that this table is reserved by another person. This is considered one of the strangest customs and traditions of Singapore but, the culture of reserving anything with a handkerchief is very popular with this in the country, whether reserving a parking spot, dining table, or anything else.Book with a Chope with tissue

Never smoke, don’t smoke anyhow

The possibilities of smoking in Singapore have become very difficult, even the locals no longer know where to smoke. Before you take out your cigarette, look around you if you see a no-smoking sign and never do that. Smoking is forbidden in any public place, with bridges, and the outside spaces surrounding hospitals, and even five meters from any bus stop. Ask around you before you smoke too. You can smoke in any designated area to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you.Never smoke, don’t smoke anyhow

Give up your seat

Know before you sit on any public transportation that it is; you must give your seat to the elderly, the handicapped, children, and pregnant women if someone comes before you. This is a big mistake if you don’t, so it can never be committed. You may find people giving their seats, although there are empty places, which places them among the most prominent customs and traditions of Singapore. Read also: Customs and traditions of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Get permits for everything

It might be a musician who wants to play some of his songs at one of the street corners, or you may want to protest for anything. Well, you can do any of that in many countries of the world, and that is also available in Singapore, but only if you get a permit for that first.Get permits for everything

Don’t pay tip!

A good number of tourists want to pay a tip, but in Singapore you can’t do that. When you come to a restaurant or café, the bill you are charged includes. Ten percent for service, and seven percent for service and goods taxes so never try to pay a tip. In addition, the people of Singapore are not used to tipping so; if you leave something water next to your account, you may find the waiter following you to return it to you, however there are a number of places that accept it, and some leave a container next to the place of payment, if you wish to put a tip.Don’t pay tip!

Keep to the left

Viewers in Singapore follow special rules, which you cannot find written to follow so you must know them. If you are walking slowly, you must stick to the left. The right is reserved for those who walk quickly, in order to ensure your security and safety. Also, if you are on an escalator, it is better for you to stick to the left as well, the right is intended for those who climb the steps quickly, while the left is for those who are waiting and those other teachings to ensure your safety and security.

Don’t bring your dogs near Muslim friends

It is one of Singapore’s important customs and traditions that should not be overlooked. Do not intentionally or unsuccessfully place your dog near any Muslim person as they consider it an unclean object to defile them.

Don’t touch roadside offerings

Another is one of Singapore’s strangest customs and traditions which must be followed especially during the Hungry Ghost Festival. Many offerings, and gifts during this festival are placed on the sides of the road, so that fruit is not for anyone, or even your pet, but for those ghosts. Also the candles that fill the sides of the road, are not for its lighting, but are used to pray for the ancestors. Also if you find one of the empty seats during the presentations of this festival, do not sit on it has been left blank for the sake of the spirits visiting the place.
Don’t touch roadside offerings

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