The 4 best Azerbaijan beaches to visit 2020

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Tourism in Azerbaijan or the Republic of Azerbaijan as it is officially known, is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the Caucasus region of Eurasia because of its scenic water nature, where rivers and lakes abound in it and the surrounding plant and animal riches, in addition to a rich historical and cultural heritage and a series of the most wonderful The quietest beaches in the world.
During the article, we discuss with you the best four of the beaches of Azerbaijan, offering its visitors various forms of entertainment and activities.

Best hotels in Azerbaijan

The Republic of Azerbaijan includes a large number of hotels and residences that combine modern Western decorations, facilities and furnishings with authentic Islamic spirit and oriental designs, in addition to a sophisticated level of hotel services and leisure facilities that suit different budgets, especially in the summer beach areas, and the link provides a comprehensive guide to the best Azerbaijan hotels according to Its visitor ratings are as follows .. Read more

The 4 best Azerbaijan beaches to visit 2020 - The 4 best Azerbaijan beaches to visit 2020

The best beaches of Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan includes a series of the best beaches of the Caucasus region and the Caspian Sea as a whole.

Amburn Beach Club

Umran Beach Club is one of the finest and distinctive beach clubs ideal for families in Baku Azerbaijan and overlooking the Caspian Sea near the beach of Baljah, which offers its visitors entertaining leisure activities suitable for different ages such as sunbathing chairs and umbrellas, ideal shallow pools for children, water games facilities such as skateboards and boats Kayak, restaurants for all kinds of food, cafes and bars for hot and cold drinks and cocktails, winter garden.
This makes Amburan Beach Club a unique destination for recreation and relaxation on its orange sands and clear turquoise waters during the holiday in Baku.
work hours
The club operates daily from 10:00 in the morning until midnight.
Entry prices
$ 14.60 for weekends, and $ 11.70 for regular days.

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Baljah Beach

One of the best free public beaches of Azerbaijan outside the capital Baku, which makes it enjoy a completely pure and clean nature away from the influence of oil pollutants in cities, and Baljah Beach provides a quiet atmosphere of relaxation and relaxation along the pure sands of its coast that extends up to 1 km to the northeast of the Absheron Peninsula .
Although the beach is free of charge, you may be asked a few local currencies in exchange for renting sun loungers and parasols, but if you want to spend an unforgettable day or vacation full of services and leisure facilities, it may require you some money to visit Dalga Beach Aquapark Resort along the same stretch.
Baljah Beach is 40 km or 30 minutes from the capital, Baku, and difficult to reach without a private car, but when you visit it you will realize that it is really worth it.

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Shekhov Beach

Shikh or Shikhov Beach is one of the most famous and best beaches of Azerbaijan that attracts the attention of local visitors and tourists thanks to its location near the center of the capital Baku and easy access to it, with its facilities and recreational activities suitable for different ages, making it an ideal destination for families, and Sheikhov Beach is characterized by providing 3 swimming pools, including two swimming pools for adults A third shallow for children, sun loungers and parasols, a water play area with a set of slides, changing areas.
Sheikhov Beach is 25 minutes south of the center of Baku, with bus number 125 from the city center.

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Nebran Beach

If you are looking for an area that guarantees you the highest levels of recreation and privacy, you will not find better for you than Nabran Beach on the northern borders of Dagestan, and it is one of the most isolated, quiet and clean beaches of Azerbaijan, despite the large number of visitors from the local population from various destinations in Azerbaijan.
The beach provides its visitors with various relaxation facilities and services near the forest areas, luxurious and upscale forms of accommodation equipped with gardens and swimming pools, suitable for different budgets from the five-star cottages to guest houses, the opportunity to visit the nearby historical Quba area, which is 60 km to the southeast of Nabran.

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