Hacı Qayıb hamamı is one of the most important tourist attractions in Azerbaijan, where the popular baths were previously of special importance for most people at that time affected by Turkish culture.
It is located in the Asheri month, opposite the Virgo in Baku, one of the touristic places in Baku

Haji Qayeb Hammam in Baku

Activities you can do

• Visiting the bathroom, getting acquainted with the history of its construction, watching the beautiful designs and decorations, seeing the place from the inside, and getting to know the Azerbaijani culture closely.

Haji Qayb Hamam in Baku Azerbaijan

• You can have a wonderful massage session at the hands of the most skilled masseuses in the town using the finest healthy oils and enjoy a relaxing atmosphere in warm water.

Haji Qayeb Hammam in Baku

• The bathroom is located next to the most famous historical and tourist attractions in the old city, such as Virgo, you can take a tour and explore the city on your way.

Haji Qayeb Hammam in Baku

• During your visit to the bathroom, you will love to take a number of photos to document the beauty that your eyes see. The decorations and colors are amazing with water vapor, as well as the tourist places surrounding it within the old town in Baku.
• In the bathroom there is a small cafe in one of its corners, where you can sit and enjoy a cup of tea with some delicious traditional delicacies.

Haji Qayeb Hammam in Baku

Hotels near Hammam Qaji Bath

Sultan Inn Boutique Hotel 5 stars from the best hotels in Baku, 0.1 km from Haji Qayeb Hammam
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The hotel received great reviews on location, hygiene, services and staff.
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Old Street Boutique Hotel is a 4-star hotel in Azerbaijan, 0.2 km from Haji Qayeb Hammam
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
Excellent ratings in all respects.
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Haji Qayeb Hammam site

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