Yavuz Selim Mosque Istanbul (Turkish: Yavuz Selim Camii) or as it is known as Selim I Mosque is considered the second oldest Ottoman mosque in Istanbul, Turkey.
The mosque is distinguished by its geographical location, it is located on the fifth plateau overlooking the Golden Horn and is considered one of the most famous mosques in Istanbul and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Turkey, attracting visitors from all over the world.
The Yawuz Selim Mosque of Istanbul was built between 1520 and 1527 AD by order of the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent in commemoration of his father, Selim I.
To find out the most important activities that can be done when visiting Yavuz Selim Mosque Istanbul and the best Istanbul hotels near it, you can follow the article.

Best activities when visiting Yavuz Selim Mosque Istanbul

You can start your tour from Taksim Square as it is a great opportunity to visit the most famous landmarks of Istanbul in Taksim such as Istanbul Wax Museum, Galatasaray Bath, Istiklal Street Istanbul, Galata Bridge and others, then take the metro to the Yawuz Selim Mosque.

Yavuz Selim Mosque Istanbul

• The location of the mosque on the plateau makes it overlooking the ancient Romen reservoirs, where you can see the front yard of the mosque, which includes many columns made of granite and marble in addition to the minarets.

Yavuz Selim Mosque Istanbul

• You can see the mosque from the inside, as it consists of a square hall topped by a main dome, which rises approximately 32 meters, surrounded by colored windows and decorated with porcelain.

• You can visit the main hall, where the north and south walls are surrounded by corridors, leading to the other four domed rooms, and these rooms were a place inhabited by travelers.

Yavuz Selim Istanbul Mosque

• Now you must feel hungry, you can enjoy a local Turkish meal in one of Istanbul restaurants located near the Fatih Mosque such as the chef restaurant, Bab Al Hara restaurant or Madinah restaurant.

You can then continue your tour and visit the sights near the Yawuz Mosque, such as the Chora Istanbul Museum, the Fatih Mosque or the Fatih Istanbul Bazaar

Yavuz Selim Istanbul Mosque

The best Istanbul hotels near the Yawuz Selim Mosque

Dosso Dossi Downtown Hotel is one of the best hotels in Fatih Istanbul, 1.7 km from the mosque.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

Excellent evaluation of the location, breakfast, services and all amenities on the whole.
Hotel reservation
All Season Istanbul is considered one of the best hotels in Istanbul, 2.3 km from the mosque.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel received good reviews on location, staff, facilities. Some visitors criticized that housekeeping is not daily, the standard rooms are rather small.

Yawwaz Saleem Mosque site

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