Le Thiou River, which is about 3.5 km long, is one of the most important tourist attractions in France and it is one of the shortest rivers in the French city of Annecy.
The river, which is considered one of the cleanest European rivers, is basically a flow of water from Lake Annecy and Fier, the tributary of the European Rhone.
Le Teo River crosses the city of Annecy through small channels, which, had it not existed, the city would not have been called the Alpine Rifle.
During the nineteenth century, the river played an important role in production activities, and provided the energy needed for the industries established in Annecy.

Le Tieu Anse River is one of the best tourist places in France

Activities you can do

• You can wander around the old town, which is characterized by being suitable for picnics, especially romance, and where you can take many breathtaking pictures

The old town on the banks of the Le Teo river in Anse

• Visit the 12th-century Anse Castle, which was listed as a historical monument in the French Ministry of Culture.

Anse Castle on the banks of the Le Teo River in France

• Be sure to cross the Lover Bridge, which was built in the mid-nineteenth century, and that will give you an opportunity to see stunning views of the city.
• Then visit the Castle de la Lille, which looks like a stone boat that divides the river into two channels, is built in the Middle Ages, and is used as a historical museum.

The Museum de la Lyle on the banks of the Le Teo river

• You have to limp on your excursion towards the exciting electric dam gates, which are set to control the water level in the Lu Teo River.

The electric dam of the Lu Teo river

• Then relax a little in one of the boats that roam the place, so you can see and capture the most beautiful pictures of all the scenic sights surrounding the river.

Boat tour of Le Teo River

• Take a shopping tour to buy souvenirs, then eat your food in a restaurant on the banks of the Le Teo river and the melodies of the most beautiful musical instruments.

The shopping and dining area is on the banks of the Le Teo River

Hotels near Le Teo Anse River

Le Cube Hotel Annecy Center Villas Prestige is a 5-star hotel in Annecy with excellent ratings, located in the heart of Annecy’s old town on the banks of the Le Teo Annecy river
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The location is excellent and close to shops and restaurants, some visitors complained of inconvenience due to its proximity to a main street
Hotel reservation
Les Luges Vie Ville Annecy is a 5-star hotel in France, Annecy with excellent ratings, and is located on the banks of the Le Teo Annecy river
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The location is quiet and distinctive, the views are beautiful, the staff are helpful and the services are excellent.
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Le Teo Anse River site

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