The mountain town of Qarmash is considered one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Germany and it is located on the borders of Austria and is famous for its many ski centers, where the mountains are covered with snow in winter and its greenness, water tables and waterfalls are filled in summer.

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Best hotels in Qarmash

Qarmash includes a group of the best hotels in Germany, and we have collected for you on this tab recommended hotels in Qarmash from Arab visitors .. Read more


The best tourist places in Qarmash

Let’s get to know the most beautiful tourist areas in German Karmash that are worth a visit

Lake Ipsi

Lake Ipsi is one of the most important tourist places in Karmash, it is one of the most beautiful lakes in Germany that attract tourists to enjoy it and relax on its banks.
Lake Ipsi is located in the city of Qarmash and it is characterized by its clear blue waters and being surrounded by the mountains of Zugspitze .. Read more

Lake Ipsi in Qarmash - tourist places in Qarmash

Qarmash Cable Car

Everyone who visits the city of Qarmash has to experience a ride on its cable car, as it enjoys watching the Eibsee lake, the Zugspitze Mountains and other charming natural monuments, so it is considered one of the best tourist attractions in German Qarmash .. Read more

Ibsy cable car in Qarmash - Tourist places in Qarmash

The Albspix platform

One of the best tourist places in Qarmash, where the platform is about 24 meters in length, while its width is 3 meters, and it rises about 1000 meters above the ground and provides the opportunity for visitors to see the Alps from the top and the surrounding areas on a unique adventure where you feel you stand on the air .. Read more

Albspex Showcase - Tourist places in Qarmash

Water Gorges in Qarmash

One of the best tourist places in Qarmash, known as the Gorges of Parting, as it is located in the Rintel Valley and stretches for a distance of 700 meters, while the length of its rocks reaches 80 meters
The place attracts up to 200,000 visitors a year who come to enjoy the scenic view of the Water Gorges and a trip through nature .. Read more

Water Gorges in Garmisch-Parting - Tourism in Garmish

Lander Hof Palace

The Linder Hof palace is now a unique shrine that attracts visitors to learn about different civilizations and learn about their heritage, whether engineering or cultural, and it is one of the most prominent landmarks of tourism in Qarmash .. Read more

Linder Hof Palace - the best tourist places in Qarmash

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