When the summer and holiday season begins, everyone starts thinking about traveling abroad to spend quality time, to entertain themselves, and to move away from the work and study atmosphere, but many ask about the beautiful tourist places, which can be visited and identified; therefore we will do this article by mentioning the best tourist places that It is possible to visit.

The best countries for tourism

There are countries that are classified as among the best for spending quality time in them, including the following:


It is considered one of the best tourist places because of its great and ancient history, as its capital Istanbul is one of the most beautiful places. When you go to Turkey, you can visit the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, or visit the Blue Mosque, which was built in 1916 AD; and is characterized by its wonderful engineering design.

It is also advised to visit the Hagia Sophia Museum, which was once a center of the Orthodox, and was converted into a museum, and it is considered one of the most important museums in Turkey until the present time, and you can visit the covered market, which is one of the largest Turkish markets in Istanbul, where many products are sold there, and it is important Visit the Great Bosphorus Bridge, which is one of the most important landmarks of Turkey, as it is considered one of the largest suspension bridges in the world.

the moldive Islands

It is recommended to visit it for people who love the sea, climbing, and nature, so many types of marine creatures can be seen there, participating in many diving learning centers, and many coral caves can be seen there.

It is also advised to visit the resort island of Hellingelli, as it is the most wonderful diving place in the world, as it is characterized by the dust of its white beach, and it offers many international dishes, and it has all the distinguished tourist services, and it is possible to visit the National Museum; it is the Sultan’s Palace, and it has many wonderful artifacts , And a visit to the island of Isdhu, one of the inhabited islands, and holds many celebrations.


Milan is located in Italy, and it is the most magnificent tourist place that is characterized by its beautiful buildings, such as the Demopaiza Square, which everyone is surprised to see. It is characterized by the presence of the Duomo Church, which is classified among the largest churches in the world, and characterized by its construction of ancient italyn art.

There are also many restaurants that offer delicious dishes, and the Galleria Emanuele II building can be visited. It is one of the most beautiful and coolest buildings in the world, and there are many stores that sell the most famous international brands, where the building is distinguished by the presence of mosaics, its beauty and the accuracy of its construction. It is one of the most fascinating opera houses in the world, with concerts taking place every day, and the finest types of italyn music are also performed by it. It is also important to visit Quadraterode Aur Square, where many celebrities clothes are sold.

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