Museums in Chicago, one of the most important tourist attractions that attract many visitors, and Chicago has many different museums, which cross from the most important tourist facades, so Chicago has national, historical, artistic and other different types of museums, so do not hesitate to visit.

The most important museums that exist in Chicago

Field Museum

Field MuseumThe museums in the Chicago Field Museum is considered one of the most important museums that exist in Chicago, and it is considered one of the most important museums that shed light on nature, as it provides its visitors with many different scenes of nature, and different sciences in life through these wonderful 3D displays, so these scenes embody him as if Part of the truth, the visitor travels to an island in the Pacific Ocean, one of the most beautiful islands during his trip to the Pacific Ocean, in addition to these offers that take the visitor to amazing trips to the distant past, all this besides that the museum contains a large collection of artifacts that may reach For over 26 million artifacts, And various other things that the museum offers to its visitors.

Smart Museum of Art

Smart Museum of ArtMuseums in Chicago This museum is one of the most famous museums in Chicago that specializes in the provision of art, and this museum not only presents the arts but also presents more different cultures, and this is done through the collection, display and interpretation of the guests, and the Smart Museum of Art is one of the museums that includes wonderful collections Of the various arts, as this museum contains more than 15 thousand artifacts, all dating back more than 5,000 years ago, this museum offers many different arts, including Asian art and offers a range of traditional arts in Japan, China and Korea, including ceramic arts and decorationsVarious, contemporary modern art offers both American and European art and a special focus on different arts in Chicago.

Polish Museum of America

Polish Museum of AmericaIt is one of the oldest and largest museums owned by Chicago, and this museum was established in 1935, and this museum is located in the most distinguished sites, as it is located in the heart of the first Polish neighborhood in Chicago, and this museum displays to the public many Polish paintings, Besides a wide range of sculptures, drawings and stone prints of many famous artists. Not only does this museum offer arts and paintings, it offers many lectures and cultural programs, cinema shows, theater shows, music concerts, various slides and artist and celebrity meetings in Chicago. The Polish Museum of America offers many huge volumes for visitors, as well as periodicals, records, all This is inside the museum’s library, which is classified as one of the most beautiful offices in the world.

Swedish American Museum

Swedish American MuseumMuseums in ChicagoThe Swedish American Museum in Chicago is one of the most famous museums in Chicago, and your visit to America is not complete except by visiting this museum, as it contains everything that suits everyone, as it includes a children’s museum, as well as an art gallery, a genealogical center, along with a gift shop which It contains a collection of handcrafted souvenirs. This museum is considered an edifice of art, culture and history in Chicago, and the main exhibition of the Swedish American Museum displays hundreds of pictures as well as artifacts and many things that describe the mass migration of Swedes to Chicago, while the Children’s Museum is from Ok There are many museums that are popular with children from three years to 12 years old, and the child can do many fun and entertainment activities, including collecting eggs on the Swedish farm.

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