Marmaris markets and malls are one of the largest shopping centers that contain a large group of markets and malls specializing in selling different types of products for tourists and local residents. Marmaris city is located on the Mediterranean coast and its location has made it one of the most important tourist places that tourists come to visit from every direction. Shopping in Marmaris is considered a special pleasure, as it makes you enjoy an unparalleled shopping experience, because of the high quality products and reasonable prices it provides. It is always advised to bargain on prices in Marmaris markets because sellers are increasing the price twice so you must bargain for price Right, and today we will get to know the best of Marmaris’ distinctive markets and malls.

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Marmaris markets and malls

Thursday Market

Thursday market allows you to get to know the daily life of the Turkish people, where all the foodstuffs such as fish, vegetables, fruits and many other products are present, and you will notice that most of the visitors to this market are Turks, which makes it a first-class Turkish market, and you may also find it difficult to find It is because it is one of the somewhat hidden markets, it is one of the amazing markets that come close to several hotels to allow you to go to it at any time and then return again to the hotel for a snack.

The Grand Bazaar

It is one of the oldest and largest covered markets in the world, and the Grand Bazaar contains more than 4000 shops selling souvenirs and an impressive array of artistic products, and that bazaar visits more than 300 thousand visitors daily, due to it being one of the most important shopping centers in the world, it is mentioned This bazaar was built during the reign of Sultan Mehmed I and on his orders, and the bazaar was developed and restored more than once. The big bazaar is distinguished by its beautiful appearance, especially from the inside, as it is organized by the matrix shops, and many come to take pictures of it and enjoy shopping and meditation, and you can buy gold, jewelry and all the different accessories and manufactures from this bazaar, and you can also buy pieces of Turkish candy that you are used to eating The local people in Turkey, and one of the best popular desserts that are sold there is the Turkish halgum dessert, or as some people call it Malban.

Mugla Market

The old Mugla market includes a group of traditional traditional products such as textiles, fabrics, attractive handicrafts and souvenirs, as this market is famous for its luxurious fabrics. The Mugla Market gives you the opportunity to eat delicious foods in one of the local restaurants located around the market, and from the most delicious foods that are distinguished This area is fish, kebabs, stuffed meat and a delicious dessert called jetermic.

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Ankara Market

Ankara market is a store that sells Turkish products, and all tourists from Greece, North African countries and other countries can find all the products they need there, you will find in it a distinct group of products, especially delicious foods and canned foods such as fresh Turkish bread, sweets, chocolate, baklava and soft drinks And other products, and the Ankara market is one of the largest markets located in the city center of Ankara, behind the Abdi Ibci Park in Sehhe, and the market operates on Wednesday and Saturday.

Nitsel Marina Mall

This mall contains about 20 shops, and provides many services for visitors, in which you will find a range of wonderful and selected products of the first class such as fashion, clothes, gifts, antiques and sculptures. There are restaurants that offer different meals for everyone who wishes to have a rest period of shopping, The mall is characterized by complete calm and low prices that suit everyone, besides the wonderful designs that are distinguished by the shops there, they are elegantly designed and offer the best luxury products, and the mall overlooks a marina for small boats that take tourists a pleasant tour to roam the city and Seeing its landmarks and distinctive tourist places. To this end, we finish displaying the markets and malls of Marmaris, wishing you fun in shopping in Marmaris, hoping to meet you in another interesting topic about Turkey, praying to God that your travel experiences be exciting.

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