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The landmarks of the city of London speak of the nobility of this city, to which the visitor is fond, which destinations are the most beautiful, especially since everything related to royal English history is considered to be the most beautiful for tourists, and an important attraction for them.

There are many beautiful landmarks in this city, as every person who visits London sees the area of ​​interest, which is the most beautiful at all, where we find shopping lovers see their markets are the most beautiful, especially Oxford Street, which includes about three hundred stores, or Camden popular market, As well as lovers of archaeological sites, they will express the magnificence of its palaces, such as Buckingham Palace, or Edinburgh Castle.

The most beautiful monuments

There are many important tourist attractions in the city of London, which is a tourist destination for many visitors, and the following are:

London Tower

It is a historic castle, located on the bank of the Thames, and known as the Castle of Her Majesty.

Big Ben

It is one of the longest hours in the world, and is located in Westminster Palace, which includes approximately one thousand two hundred rooms.

Royal Currency Mint

This house is located near the Tower of London, and contains a large collection of ancient coins, in addition to exhibits belonging to the kings.

Lion of the Kings and the White Tower

It is located in the middle of the area of ​​the internal guard in London, and it is composed of four floors, and it was built of white stone in the seventy-eighth century AD.

Home jewelry

It is located in the Tower of London, and this store contains unique collections of jewelery and gemstones, which to this day crown the British monarchy.

The British Museum

It is located in the city of Bloomsbury, and it is a very large museum, which needs several days in order to be able to visit all its wings, and it contains many valuable archaeological treasures.


It is a monument two hundred and two feet high, and was designed to commemorate the Great Fire that took place in the city of London in one thousand six hundred and sixty-six.

West End

It is one of the oldest theaters in this city, and ancient performances are presented there, such as the lion and the king, the miserables, and others.

London Ghosts

It is a journey that takes place on a double-decker bus, which is black in color, and it is used to travel for seventy-five minutes in ghostly places in London.

London Eye

It is located on the banks of the River Thames, which is a wheel, through which London can be seen, and it opened in the year 2000 AD.

Que Garden

It is a botanical garden located in the city of Richmond, and includes a number of amazing trees, in addition to deers.

Royal Air Force Museum

It includes many British weapons and English fighters.

Victoria and Albert Museum

This museum contains millions of artifacts, which have been collected from all over the world.

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