In this report, we will show you the best outlets in Belgium so you can buy everything you want at fair prices.
Outlet is a storehouse that sells world-famous brands and is extremely popular.
But because its fashions are over for designers, it is offered at outlet stores at low prices and has big discounts.
So if you care more about the value of things than they are, then it is best for you.

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The best outlet in Belgium

McArthurGlen Luxembourg

This complex or village is located in the heart of the south of Luxembourg, near the town of Arlon, an area that appreciates the beauty of its countryside and history.
In this outlet you will find your favorite big brands at prices up to 70% lower than their original price in the past year and this makes it one of the best outlets in Belgium.
The complex includes more than 45 stores of the latest stores that contain the largest brands of clothes of all kinds and there is also a famous store for the largest brands of sunglasses.
Because of his popularity, the big designers started opening their stores to sell fashion clothes of the year at low prices, too.McArthurGlen LuxembourgMcArthurGlen Luxembourg

Maasmechelen Village

The Haute-Maastricht complex is 1 hour away from Brussels and close to the Dutch and German borders.
The complex gives the impression of walking in the village streets and is therefore called the shopping village;
It was designed as a large village divided into multiple commercial units.
Thanks to this unique design, the shopping experience has become a real pleasure and great comfort thanks to the comfortable and stress-free atmosphere.
This is in addition to the wonderful scenes that you will be able to see while shopping for the picturesque villages there and historical cities.
The village houses the largest and brightest fashion brands.
As for prices, prices are 33% lower compared to those offered on the same clothes in the past year, in addition to discounts.
It is home to more than 100 luxury stores that offer leading domestic and international brands, including accessories and home decoration stores, at generously low prices throughout the year.

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Maasmechelen Village
Maasmechelen Village

Neuhaus Chocolate Brussels shop

This outlet is located in Brussels, but it is a distinct and unique outlet. It is a dream paradise for chocolate lovers.
The store is located directly next to the factory in a modern building and there you will find a large collection of the finest types of Belgian chocolate and sweets filled and wrapped in a distinctive and different way.
You can take free samples and taste whatever you want and buy whatever you like, as it is the cheapest chocolate store in Belgium and offers the best quality at the cheapest prices that you may find high in other places. Neuhaus Chocolate Brussels shopNeuhaus Chocolate Brussels shop

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