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Museum complex

Vienna is associated with classical traditions related to art, music, and architecture, and is also a hotbed of contemporary artistic creativity, and is home to a very large number of modern art museums, theaters, and art schools, for example the famous museum complex located in the city center and includes about seventy museums, along with Galleries, theaters, dance halls, cultural associations, many cafes and restaurants. Visitors can also enjoy the wonderful art masterpieces in the Leopold Museum for Austrian artists such as: Gustav Klimt and Egon Schily.

St. Stephen’s Cathedral

St. Stephen’s Cathedral is one of the most beautiful Gothic places in Europe, as it is characterized by its architecture and decoration that reflects many reforms over the years, as the prominent Gothic style appears in the four towers of the cathedral, one of which includes thirteen bells, the most important of which is the Pummerin It is the second largest church bell in Europe, and the tomb crypt containing the tombs of the empires, especially Frederick III, can be visited in addition to many bishops and cardinals.

Schonbrunn Palace

Schonbrunn Palace covers an area of ​​about 1,600,000 square meters, and this palace is distinguished by its amazing architecture that shows the old Rococo style. It was opened to the public in 1699 AD, and includes approximately 1441 luxurious rooms, the oldest zoo and the Schönbrunn Park, the mazes of the gardens, and the largest farms in The world, Schonborn Palace was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996.

Belvedere Palace

The Belvedere Palace was built in the early eighteenth century, and includes two palaces of the Baroque palaces, one upper and one lower. Ornate fountains, gardens, and sphinx statues can be visited, as well as two museums that include the best of Austrian art.

Vienna State Opera

The original Vienna Opera House was built in 1869 AD, but it was completely destroyed except for its main façade, the grand staircase, and the tea salon, as it was carefully rebuilt under the supervision of Austrian architects Erik Poltenstern and Otto Brosinger, and the Vienna State Opera is nowadays famous for the largest collection of plays, in addition To over 300 performances, to over sixty opera events, and ballet dancers.

Prater Amusement Park

The Emperor used to use the Prater area for hunting purposes, then it was converted into an amusement park that still exists today. This park also contains one of the most famous monuments in the city, which is the red Resnrad wheel, in addition to that the Prater area is one of the largest green spaces in Vienna is the best place to stroll in warm times.

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