The best states of America for tourism

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New York State

New York State is a favorite place for domestic and international tourists as well, due to the presence of the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building and the Times Square. In addition, New York State is home to art lovers as it contains many museums The exhibitions, which contain more than two million paintings, reflect a 5,000-year-old history, and the New Year celebration is one of the most important and famous events held annually in Times Square.

Los Angeles State

The state of Los Angeles is one of the most famous American tourist destinations due to the presence of Hollywood and many famous people in it, in addition to the beaches that attract tourists, in addition to the huge shopping places in Rodeo Street and Beverly Hills, and it is also famous for being a place that attracts the attention of adults and children alike due to the existence of a world Disney and Universal Studios.

Washington State

Washington State is the capital of the United States of America, and it is the ideal place to learn about the history of the states especially because it contains the memorials of Franklin Roosevelt and Martin Luther King, and the most important reasons that make Washington one of the most famous states is the ability of the tourist to visit museums, galleries and memorials for free.

Arizona State

The most important tourist attraction in Arizona is the Grand Canyon, this park is considered a haven for nature and provides tourists with a lesson on history and anthropology, as this valley was formed on the banks of the Colorado River 20 million years ago, and one of the activities that can be carried out It has the tourist during his visit to camping there.

Montana State

The most famous destination in Montana is Yellowstone National Park, where this park is characterized by the presence of wild animals such as buffalo, bears, mountain lion, and this state is famous for the nature of its mountains; even the name Montana means “mountain” in the Spanish language .


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