The best tourist places in Greece

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Crete is considered the largest island in Greece, and its length is about one hundred and fifty-five miles, and it is considered one of the famous places for tourists, and the island includes a large group of monuments, including what belongs to the Minoan civilization, in addition to the caves, valleys, and beaches that are among the best beaches Located in Greece, and the island provides tourists with an opportunity to learn about the past.


Andros region is considered one of the best places that a tourist must visit, it is characterized by the beautiful picturesque nature, and it gives the visitor the opportunity to climb into the green hills, see the waterfalls, and enjoy the beautiful scenery, as the visitor can go diving and surfing.

Acropolis Museum

The museum is considered one of the most important tourist attractions in Athens, as it was opened in 2007 AD, knowing that this museum was designed by the architect Bernard Chome, and the Greek engineer Michael Vitodes, and it is worth noting that the museum’s floor is characterized by being made of glass, and the museum includes a group of statues Which dates back to the Roman era, and works dating back to the fifth century BC, also includes the Parthenon Gallery located on the top floor of it, in addition to the presence of a restaurant; to enjoy the wonderful view of the museum.

Knossos Palace

The palace is located in Crete, which is considered the capital of Minoan, knowing that its construction began in the year one thousand eight hundred and seventy-eight, and it is distinguished by the historical monuments in it;

Delphi Archaeological Museum

Some of the museum’s contents date back to the eighth century B.C., and it is considered one of the wonderful museums in Delphi, which includes a group of statues dating back to about five hundred and sixty B.C. in addition to that in the museum a group of rooms where the works of Hercules are displayed , Theseus.

Santorini Island

The island of Santorini is considered one of the most prominent and famous places in Greece. It is one of the islands that are famous for attaching its villages to a cliff. The most visited island for leisure and travel, in the year two thousand and ten.

Ionian Island

The island is famous for the presence of a group of tourist places, including: Pakse, Viscardo, and Kefalonia, and is characterized by a cold climate, natural diversity in the cypress, olive, and diversity of cultures as well.


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