Waterfronts are among the favorite options of a large number of tourists because of its charming atmosphere and various tourist activities such as yachting, hiking and shopping in addition to organizing these destinations for fun and entertaining events and festivals in the open air, especially on hot summer nights. Here is a list that will introduce you to a group of the most beautiful water destinations in the world.

Dubai Marina – United Arab Emirates

Dubai Marina is one of the wonderful water tourism destinations that includes a large group of yachts, restaurants and shops, in addition to many leisure activities suitable for families and friends. The marina also includes residential apartments and walkways in addition to the yachts lined up at its sides, which take tourists on unique marine trips that allow them to enjoy watching the waterways that exist between the skyscrapers and access to the Palm Jumeirah.

Fishermen’s Anchorage – San Francisco, USA

The façade of Fishermen’s Marina in San Francisco is one of the most important tourist areas in California, which is visited by tourists from all parts of the world to enjoy the atmosphere of its charming streets and eat delicious food, including snail soup, which is famous for the city. The marina is also a suitable place to buy souvenirs and take great photos, as the marina is surrounded by many attractions that deserve to be parked such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island, Lillian Kuwait Tower and the northern side of San Francisco Bay.
A group of events and shows will also be held in this region, the most prominent of which is the fireworks show that will be on the fourth of July, in addition to the air shows of the marine fleets.

Elizabeth – Perth Wharf, Australia

Australia contains seventy beaches due to its distinctive geographical location. It is bordered to the north by the Timor Sea, the Sea of ​​Arvora and the Straits of Tours, to the east by the Coral Sea and the Tasman Sea. The city of Perth alone contains many wonderful water destinations, such as the Elizabeth Berth, which contains apartments and a large number of restaurants and luxury hotels, and is attractive to all water lovers.

Promenade des Anglais – Nice, France

Promenade des Anglais, located in the French city of Nice, is well known for its many attractions, such as parks, beaches and restaurants. This facade is one of the most beautiful destinations on the Mediterranean coast, so tourists can wander along 7 km overlooking the blue sea water and eat delicious seafood from one of the wonderful restaurants that offer distinctive sea views, and the boats on the coasts provide enjoyable sea trips And amusing along the coast.

Marina Bay – Singapore

Marina Bay in central Singapore is one of the most prominent waterfronts in the country, as it is located next to the financial center and the Strait of Singapore, which has a wonderful view of the China Sea. Marina Singapore includes many distinctive tourist attractions, including the famous “Marina Bay Sander” resort on the continent of Asia, as it has the largest swimming pool in the world and provides many options and services for its guests. Marina Bay includes a large shopping center where you can find all brands and many great products.

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Victoria Quay – Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong is famous for the Victoria Pier, which is one of their most vital and tourist attractions, where large ships dock and popular celebrations and festivals are held. The pier provides an opportunity to quickly pass to the ocean park, which is one of the largest parks around the world, covering an area of ​​91.5 hectares and visited by approximately 7.6 million people annually.

Victoria and Alfred – Cape Town, South Africa

The waterfront of Victoria and Alfred in Cape Town, South Africa, attracts approximately 24 million visitors annually, and this region is famous for its stunning landscapes represented by “Table Mountain” park and blue Atlantic waters. Victoria and Alfred are among the oldest ports in the southern part of the globe and have been restored and designed to include residential projects, hotels, restaurants and tourist areas that attract tourists.
The Cape Town waterfront contains many tourist and cultural sites worth visiting, such as the Chavez Museum, which was built in the 18th century and which includes rare antiques. Next to it is the Victorian Clock Tower that was built in 1889 in addition to the famous bridge that connects the Victoria and Alfred Basins .

Nyhavn – Copenhagen, Denmark

Denmark is one of the leading destinations on the list of the most visited Scandinavia in recent years and one of the most beautiful water destinations in the region, bordered by the Baltic Sea and the North Sea and has many waterfronts, the most famous of which are located in Copenhagen in the Nyhavn region which is one of the ideal places to spend a beautiful and wonderful day between Ancient wooden ships and fine restaurants. Nyhavn connects between the New King’s Square (Congress Nytorf) and the Royal Theater, and along the road between them there are a group of restaurants and cafes with beautiful views, in addition to historical and archaeological monuments such as the large memorial anchor that was constructed to commemorate the officers who lost their lives during World War II.

Codan – Port Louis, Mauritius

The Kodan Maritime Walk in Port Louis, Mauritius stands out as the most prominent waterfront in the region, with theaters and cinemas in addition to the numerous shopping stores that display international brands and local products that the people of Mauritius are famous for making by hand. Along the Kudan Walk there are hotels that contain all the logistical ingredients to receive tourists from all over the world in addition to restaurants that offer Indian, Chinese, European and African dishes.

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Marina Queenstown – Otago, New Zealand

New Zealand is located in the continent of Oceania, in the southwest Pacific and southeastern Australia, and has no land borders with any other country. It is divided into two independent islands that contain stunning natural scenery and amazing tourist sites. New Zealand is a country of sails par excellence as it has a wonderful view of the sea and boats and coastal cities that attract lovers of marine life because of its diverse marine creatures. Marina Queenstown is considered one of the most important of these water destinations in the country, as it combines the picturesque nature and tourist attractions that tourists from all over the world visit.

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