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State of Latvia

The Republic of Latvia is located within the borders of the Baltic region in the continent of Northern Europe, and the Republic of Latvia is considered one of the least populated and densely populated countries at the level of the European Union where the 2013 census statistics indicate that its population has reached 2.013 million people only, and its area reaches 64,589 km2. It is only six meters above sea level.

the border

Latvia shares borders with Estonia on the northern side, and with Lithuania on the south side, and its borders with the Russian Federation on the eastern side, and also shares borders with Belarus on the southeastern side, and has water borders with Sweden on the western side, and it is indicated that Latvia is affected by a climate Seasonal mild.

Administrative division

Administratively, the Republic is divided into one hundred and eighteen administrative divisions, and five planning regions, including the capital, Riga, Kurzimi, and Latagli. It also includes within its administrative units one hundred and nine municipalities and nine cities.

Riga is the capital of Latvia

Riga, Riga is the largest city in the country, and at the level of the cities of the Baltic countries in terms of population, with an estimated population of about 727,800 people, and Latvians constitute 42.8% of the total population of the city, and the Russians come second with a rate of 39.5%, The rest of the lineage is distributed among other ethnic groups, between Ukrainian, Polish and others.

Geographical information

The capital Riga occupies space on the coasts of the Baltic Sea extending to 304 km2, and the proportion of water in it about 16% of its total area, and Riga holds the title of the cleanest city in Europe, and the city of Riga has an important place in the Baltic Sea region, where it is the main center for a number of sectors of the most important Cultural, political, economic, industrial, financial, and educational, in addition to the historical side, where UNESCO has included it as a world heritage site, and is distinguished from other cities of Latvia by its special architectural character with a modern art style (Art Nouveau), and this city has obtained the title Capital of European culture for the year 2014 AD.


The city of Riga is unique in its own culture, as tourists from the east and west come to enjoy the relaxation and enjoyment it offers to its visitors, so the visitor will see distinctive opera performances and wonderful theatrical events, in addition to enjoying the wild life in it, and the circumambulation between its museums and monuments, and it is worth noting that The city of Riga is considered one of the newly emerging cities, as its date of birth does not exceed more than 800 years, that is, in the year 1225 AD, and the medieval city has taken on a characteristic of romance and excitement, and was characterized by the Gothic character due to that era.

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