The best place for tourism in Athens

المسافرون العرب

If you are planning to travel to Greece then you definitely need to know the best place for tourism in Athens, that capital which is distinguished by its ancient culture history because it contains many ancient ruins.
It is worth noting that its population reaches more than 700 thousand people, besides it is located mainly in southern Greece, and it is characterized by a unique location, where it is surrounded by three mountain peaks, as it is located between the river Elisos and Kifissos, and this city is considered one of the oldest and most ancient cities in the year, as It is almost 300 years old, and despite that, it contains wonderful places worth visiting, which you can know through Arab travelers.

What are the best tourist places in Athens

The best seasons to visit Athens are the spring and fall seasons. Find out about the best places below:

1. The Plaka of Athens

  • It is one of the oldest and most famous places in the city of Athens, and it attracts thousands of tourists annually.
  • The area contains many museums beside the old classical buildings.
  • Among the most prominent types of museums in this region are the Folklore Museum, next to the Versailles Museum.
  • The area has many shops that sell souvenirs if you want to buy them.
  • The area includes many restaurants serving Greek delicacies.
  • Among the most prominent places there is the Mosque of Muhammad al-Fatih, which was built in 1458.

2. Athens National Park

  • A place that combines the nature of exquisite greenery and unique diverse monuments.
  • The park contains many ancient monuments and monuments, and that when you wander around the place you will find many distinctive and numerous plants.
  • Among the things that you will notice there are a number of animals alongside plants such as peacocks and therefore the best thing to do is to walk around inside to enjoy these wonderful views.

3. Syntagma Square

  • One of the most important tourist places in Athens, as it attracts many tourists, so you will find it crowded when you go to it.
  • The field is characterized by the presence of wonderful water fountains located in the heart and center of the place, as well as they contain many statues.
  • The square includes the Greek Parliament building as it also holds an offer to replace the guard in front of the place, which attracts many tourists upon seeing it.

4. Acropolis Athens

  • It is the place among the most famous places in Athens, and none of the tourists can come to that city without visiting Acropolis of Athens.
  • The place consists of a mountainous mountain in the first place, and on top of it are many temples, the most important of which is the Parthenon Temple, which is characterized by being surrounded by huge columns, and it is considered the largest among the other temples.
  • Among the notable places you can visit is the “Adion Herodis” theater, which is a theater that consists of semicircular terraces on two floors and is characterized by its large size.
  • You can also go to see the “Propylene” gate, which includes artworks from frescoes and columns next to the decorations, which is the main entrance to the place.

Among the museums that you can visit in Athens are the “Acropolis Museum” and “National Archaeological Museum”.

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Athens Markets

Greece is distinguished by its many distinctive and cheap markets that make it one of the most prominent shopping places in the world. Learn about the most prominent of them as follows:

1. Ammonia markets

  • It is one of the oldest markets in Athens, as it contains many shops at cheap prices.
  • Among the most prominent types of products sold there are clothing, shoes and bags, as well as markets for vegetables and fresh fruits.

2. Monastiraki Market

  • It is considered the most unique market in Athens, which attracts many tourists, as it sells products at cheap prices in various kinds.
  • The souq includes many souvenirs, along with clothes, jewelry and antiques, whether original or traditional.

3. Athens Central Market

  • It is one of the most favorite places for tourists, and the place includes different and distinctive varieties of fresh vegetables and fruits and you will find it at cheap prices.
  • From there you can also buy Greek cheese, as well as various varieties of distinctive herbs.
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