The city of flowers in the Emirates

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Flowers garden in the Emirates

The flower garden, or as it is called Dubai Miracle Garden, opened in 2013, with an area of ​​780000 square miles, which is the largest natural flower garden in the world; it contains more than 109 million flowers, and the garden includes a flower clock, retail stores, mosques, and an aromatic flower garden , Peacock birds, and the butterfly garden that opened in 2015, and is the largest closed garden in the world, and the first closed garden dedicated to butterflies in the region, which includes more than 15,000 butterfly of approximately 26 species, and the flower garden opens from October to April and then closes from June To September to do maintenance.

Flowers Garden site

The flower garden is located in Dubailand, south of Al Barsha, in the Emirate of Dubai, and the park receives about 1.5 million visitors annually, and the flower structures are changed every season in the garden to give frequent visitors a different experience each time they visit the garden, and the flowers are watered by reuse of wastewater Through drip irrigation, and the flower garden contains an Airbus A380 real-size anthropomorphic model from Emirates Airlines. The entire plane was covered with flowers, and the Guinness Book of Records in 2016 entered the largest figure covered with flowers in the world.

In and around Flower Garden

Here are some of the landmarks in the flower garden:

  • International Park: The international park contains statues from all over the United Arab Emirates and from many countries of the world made entirely of real flowers.
  • Edible garden: This garden allows visitors to eat different vegetables and fruits such as strawberries, tomatoes and lettuce.
  • Peacock: The park contains three colored peacocks covered with flowers and carriage travelers on a green dish, the length of the tail of which is closed is 13 meters, and the other two are open in the form of a fan 12 meters.


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