The city of Qena

المسافرون العرب

The city of Qena

The city of Qena is one of the Egyptian cities located in the Egyptian Upper Egypt, specifically on the eastern side of the Nile River, and is considered the official capital of Qena Governorate, in addition to it being the largest city in it, and got the third rank at the level of the Arab Republic of Egypt in particular and the world in general, in terms of beautiful cities And distinguished compared to other cities that were created by UNESCO, and attract large numbers of tourists, because it contains many places and historical landmarks, such as the Mosque of Abdul Rahim Al-Qenawi and the University of South Valley.

The name of the city of Qena

The city of Qena was named by this name in relation to the Arabic word Qena, which means incubated, meaning the city that embraced the Nile River, through its distinguished location on the outskirts of the Nile. Egyptian, ancient, medieval and modern times.

Entertainment places in Qena

The city of Qena contains many recreational places through which the visitor gets pleasure and entertainment, in addition to a number of clubs through which young people can carry out many different sporting activities such as the Muslim Youth Club, and Qena Sports Stadium, and some clubs of a social nature confined to several sectors OccuAl Bahahn as doctors club, engineers club, teachers club, judges club, lawyers club, lawyers club, trade union club, and Nile Corniche.

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Historical attractions in Qena

The city of Qena is distinguished for its many archaeological and historical treasures and shrines that belong to the ancient Egyptians for a long time. For this city, it was the official capital of the sixth region of the Upper Egyptian regions.

Transportation in Qena

The city of Qena is characterized by the presence of a sophisticated network of streets, roads and highways, with many green spaces and beautiful and flowered sidewalks, in addition to that it is the only valid road, in order to link between Upper Egypt and the port of Safaga on the Red Sea.

Industry in Qena

The city of Qena is famous for many industries that the inhabitants of this city depend on, such as cement, pottery and other industries.

Qena villages

There are many villages located in the city of Qena, and they are:

  • Marine supervision.
  • Gnawaism.
  • Amr’s children.
  • Abnoud.
  • Supervision.
  • Western supervision.
  • Tribal supervision.
  • Eastern supervision.
  • The Triumph.
  • Jabblau.
  • Compartments.
  • Benigns.
  • Monastery.
  • Eastern Monastery.
  • Sheikh Issa.
  • Tawabiyya.
  • Al-Tuwairat.
  • Honey.
  • Diving.
  • The Kallites.
  • El Mahrousa.
  • Deception.
  • Deception.
  • Tawabiah Island.
  • Dandara.
  • Karam Imran.
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