Where is Kaprun summit?

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Kaprun summit

Kaprun is a village close to the well-known tourist resort Zell am See located in the Austrian province of Salzburg, and the Kaprun Resort descent from this village, where the tourist trips are organized for each of the resorts because of their proximity to each other, and there is no doubt that the Zell amc resort enjoys international reputation for the benefit The Kaprun Resort is of benefit, as it is integrated into tourist programs related to visiting a famous tourist sign such as Zell MC, and Kaprun is also home to the main major frozen lakes that are important for skiing in eastern Austria. The Kaprun village was when the Celtic people The European Asian in Roman times is a village dedicated to mining industries, but in the current era its population has reached 3000 smiles and the focus is on tourism and the construction of hydroelectric stations to produce electric energy, and its population reaches about three thousand people, and its height above the sea level is about 786 m .

History of Austria

Austria’s history is full of important events, like most countries in Europe. People have settled in its land since the year 8000 BC in the ancient Stone Age, and in the year 400 BC. The Celtic people from western Europe settled in Austria’s lands and worked to develop them, and since the seventh century before Christmas to this era Austria is still one of the most important places inhabited by the Celtic, and stationed around the Hallstatt region.

Celtic civilization

Celtic tribe peoples consist of multiple groups inhabiting in various parts of Europe north of the Mediterranean Sea since the ancient Bronze Age to the present day, and this name was given by ancient writers, and they were migratory tribes living in colonies that extend from Portugal to Turkey, in addition to For the above, the Celts were speaking the same language and uniting under a single cultural and artistic umbrella despite their number and expansion, and their Celtic language is still circulating as part of the languages ​​of the peoples of the British Isles and the regions of northern France.


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