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Jordan is located in Southeast Asia, and it is one of the Levant countries, and the fertile Crescent country that was named by the American archaeologist James Henry Brest. Jordan has an area of ​​about 89,342 square kilometers, and Jordan from the North Bride to Irbid to the south of the country contains many tourist areas that It is still a historical witness to the beauty and importance of Jordan, and Jordan’s income from tourism increases, as it reached two and a half billion in 2014, to form ten percent of the total important income.

The importance of tourism in Jordan

Medical Tourism

Jordan is a popular destination for treatment from neighboring countries in particular, as well as from all parts of the world, as it contains physical therapy areas on its soil, in which there are mineral springs useful for the body, and the Dead Sea sands contain magic benefits that the body needs, by putting the entire body under the sand without The face, the baths of Ma’in and Afra contain sulfur water in its springs, which are useful for the muscles of the body, and for the treatment of skin diseases, in addition to that there are many high-quality hospitals in Jordan, which are distinguished by their qualified staff to work internationally and globally.

Technical tourism

There are many festivals, musical and traditional celebrations and theatrical performances held in the ancient archaeological stands. These celebrations are greeted by many famous artists in the Arab region, and the presence of many Arab nationalities interested in these affairs, and the Romen amphitheater that accommodates six thousand spectators, is one of the places It contains these offers.

Knowledge and cultural tourism

It is considered one of the most common types of tourism in Jordan. In Jordan, many monuments are a historical witness to the ancient civilizations and nations that inhabited Jordan, so there are many interested who wish to see these historical places that were built in the first centuries, and see their features that are considered architectural art and engineering, and Petra is considered One of these arts is one of the Seven New Wonders of the World, which is distinguished by its unique pink color, built by the Nabataeans and made as their capital.

Sports tourism

Sports in Jordan are not limited to holding international matches and regional competitions, but rather, they reach swimming, due to the presence of the Gulf of Aqaba, Al-Hama, and Al-Shouna, as a sport for recreation.

Service development

These places need permanent care and restoration of the surrounding areas, and this urges Jordan to pave the roads, establish restrooms, kiosks, and develop transportation between the governorates of the Kingdom, in addition to building hotels that suit other community groups.

Reducing unemployment

Tourism provides job opportunities for the country’s parents to reduce widespread unemployment, to be tourist guides for tourists from other countries, and unemployment is considered one of the most difficult challenges facing young people in Jordan.

In Jordan, there are many tourist places such as Umm Qais, Barqash Forest, Wadi Musa, Tabqal Fahal, Salt City, Mount Nebo, Hammamat Ma’in, Pillars of Jerash, Umm Al-Jamal and Ar Rassas, Palaces of Al-Mashta, Umrah, Hallabat, Azraq, Tuba, Muwaqqar, and the Gulf of Aqaba , And the Dead Sea.

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