The largest city in Switzerland by population

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The city of Zurich

The city of Zurich is the largest Swiss city in terms of population, with a population of 341,730 people, and it is the capital of the Canton of Zurich, and it is a financial, cultural, and industrial center in the vicinity of the Alps in the northwestern part of Lake Zurich, and it extends between two series of forest hills, Sixty kilometers from the northern slopes of the Alps, two rivers pass through the city: Limat and Sahel.

Zurich city features

Zurich is characterized as one of the wonderful Swiss cities, as it contains many tourist attractions, in addition to being one of the cities that enjoy a prosperous economy, and is known internationally as a pioneer in the financial sector, and has witnessed the success of its residents for more than 6500 years, and an area Zurich is about 87.93 square kilometers, with a population density of about 4,700 people per square kilometer, and is considered the largest and richest Swiss urban city, and in the twenty-first century it was classified among the most distinctive destinations in Central Europe, as the old center of the city embraces many winding paths, and the largest Ag high churches.

Education in the city of Zurich

Zurich has its own distinguished educational system, as it is a first-class system, where education begins with young children in the elementary stage, so they learn three different languages: English, French, and German, and they also learn all practical skills, such as mathematics and science, in addition to teaching them crafts Handmade, swimming lessons.

The largest Swiss city

The following cities are the largest Swiss cities after Zurich, and they are as follows:

  • Geneva: It is a global center for diplomatic and banking matters in the country, as well as the headquarters of the United Nations and the Red Cross, with a population of 183,981 people.
  • Basel: It is located on the River Rhine in the northwest of Switzerland, and is located near the country’s borders with France and Germany, and its population reaches 164,488 people.
  • Bern: It is the capital of Switzerland, and its origins date back to the twelfth century, and its population reaches 121,631 people.
  • Lausanne: It is the headquarters of the International Olympic Committee, the Olympic Museum, and includes the Olympic Lake Park, and 116,751 people live in it.
  • Winterthur: It is the center of industry and advanced technology, with a population of 91,908 people.


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