The most important exports of Comoros

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The most important exports of Comoros

The main agricultural products in Comoros include bananas, vanilla, coconut, cloves and coconut oil. About a third of the vanilla that is exported is roasted to France. Among the most important passes are cloves, the essence of fragrance, coconut oil, and vanilla, and are exported to France, Singapore, Turkey, the Netherlands and Italy. The major industries in Comoros that support the economy are perfume distillation, tourism and fishing. Many imports from abroad greatly support the economy, as rice, petroleum products, cement, consumer products and transportation equipment are imported.

Economy of the Comoros

Comoros is considered one of the poorest countries in the world, and the unemployment rate is approximately 14.3%. Therefore, economic growth and poverty reduction are considered priorities. The agricultural sector is the dominant sector in the economy and 38.4% of the population works in it. Population density is large in agricultural areas and is the largest producer of vanilla in the world. In 2004, the gross domestic product (GDP) reached about 1.9%, and the gross domestic product (GDP) per capita decreased due to lower consumption, trade disputes and low investment and inflation. The government is working to improve technical education and training, expand exports, improve tourism and health, reduce population inflation and privatize companies.

General information about Comoros

Comoros is located on the continent of Africa, covering an area of ​​2235 square kilometers, and is ranked No. 182 in the list of areas in the world and its capital is Moroni, which is the largest island among the group of Comoros. Comoros does not share borders with any country. According to the statistics of 2012, its population is approximately 737,284 and the population density is 330 people per square meter. The islands gained their independence in 1975 from France, and their official currency is the franc.


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