Dusseldorf is one of the most important destinations not to be missed when traveling to Germany, where it has a calm and pleasant atmosphere suitable for relaxation and avoiding the hustle and bustle of the usual tourist destinations. Wherever you wander around this city you find green spaces surrounding you from each side, due to the large number of parks and parks that you enjoy Düsseldorf. If you are traveling with your children or want to relax and enjoy a part of the locals ’lives, head to one of those wonderful parks full of greenery, hiking and playing areas.

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Here is a list of the most beautiful parks in Dusseldorf

Nordpark and Japanese Garden

Nordpark is at the top of the list of the most beautiful parks in Dusseldorf, as it is called the bride of the city. Its areas extend to more than thirty-six and a half hectares, all with green spaces and lands. The park is equipped with wide paths for hiking and cycling, flowers of various colors and shapes make you comfortable and happy, dense trees, stunning fountains give another atmosphere to the place and a lot of games and places for children and practice various activities. At the northwestern edge of Noordpark you find the Japanese garden equipped with picturesque Japanese designs made by the artist The Japanese Iwaki Ishiguro is a traditional garden that includes black pine trees and maple trees. In addition to ponds with some gravel, Japanese sculptures, traditional benches and lightings make them a fun place to relax and read a book. Or take a fun picnic with your loved ones.Nordpark and Japanese Garden


Hofgarden is one of the most prominent parks in Dusseldorf, where it is the oldest public park in the city, and its Arabic name means relaxation and renewal. It reaches an area of ​​thirty-six and a half acres, and surprises everyone who visits it for the first time with its harmonious natural spaces. There is one section of the garden equipped with striped flowers and harmonious rows of Trees, as for the rest of the garden, reflect the designs of Maximilian Waihi, who knows his love for unbridled natural beauty. The trees that decorate the pupils are as old as two hundred years. Enjoy the garden in your lake, full of fun ducks and small ponds alongside green lands that Stretching across the horizon.Located at the eastern end of the park is Schloss Jaegerhof; a seventeenth-century hunting hut that is contemplated by many wars, thefts, and disputes.Talome boasts an exhibition of the life and work of the ancient German poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

Benrath Park

Penrath Park does not go out of the list of the most beautiful parks in Dusseldorf, where it includes; the charming 200-year-old Penrath Palace, built to become the residence and cottage of voter Karl Theodore. The garden has a sharp and formal design due to its history and the era in which it was founded, and divided for more than one part . The English Garden enjoys rare foreign trees, while the French Garden enjoys a great diversity of flowers and shrubs, as well as it contains fountains. The kitchen garden is equipped with flowers, vegetables, fruits, and herbs. In the heritage garden you can enjoy the green curtains under which you remain blessed with relaxation, along with lakes and fountains that make it a distinct romantic destination or an ideal place to enjoy some calm away from the pressures and crowds of the city.Benrath Park


The Sudpark is the largest of Dusseldorf’s parks with an area of ​​one hundred seventy-three acres of greenery, the southern part of which is known as the front of the dam and is an oasis that combines water pools, dense trees and picturesque vivid colors. For the In Garden or in the park it includes; six Ten parks are equipped with games and different areas to enjoy many activities, all of these parks are located around a water hub that extends for six hundred meters. As for Volkswagen, it is the most preferred section for visitors, and in Arabic it means garden of the people. It offers its visitors to enjoy the spirit of natural forests with its tall trees, dense green areas, and jealous pools of water that fill the place. There is also a playground equipped with twenty-four hours designed by Klaus Rinky, in addition to the unique metal structures, and a garden containing many pets, which makes them A destination suitable for all ages and tastes.Südpark

Rheinpark Bilk

Despite its small size, its areas reach only eighteen and a half acres, but it is located among the most beautiful parks in Dusseldorf. The Rhinepark Belek has a picturesque greenery located between the River Rhine and a number of commercial buildings. The garden corridors and paths contain tall trees adorning it on the sides, and it is an ideal destination for wandering, hiking and cycling, while enjoying the fresh river scent. You can also sit back and watch the busy Rhine River permanently port with yachts. , And the stunning skyline decorating the horizon at sunset.Rheinpark Bilk


Whether if you want to take a break after a round of hiking and shopping or want to relax in a magical atmosphere full of green spaces and pools of water, Vendthandhaus Park is your right destination. It covers six hectares and is a charming oasis to enjoy the tranquility and beauty of nature. Its towering trees that extend across the horizon allow you to glimpse at some of the city’s famous buildings, making it one of the most beautiful parks in Dusseldorf. It includes two pools that add another charm to the place, as well as a number of archaeological sculptures that highlight the city’s ancient history.Ständehauspark


Malcester Park covers an area of ​​three hectares, is located in the center of Dusseldorf, and is a place where artists and philosophers meet, and since 2001 it has become a historical and archaeological landmark of the city. It is one of parks in Dusseldorf where it dates back to the eighteenth century, and it was newly restored in order to create comfort and enjoyment for its visitors with Entrance fee of only two euros. Malcester Park is adorned with its tall trees, with this picturesque water pool as well as a building where you can have a snack inside or listen to the talk of a selection of artists and philosophers.Malkastenpark

Rheinpark Golzheim

The Rheinpark Guzlheim Park extends from the Bumelfort neighborhood to the Guzelheim neighborhood, as it extends for two and a half kilometers across the southern bank of the River Rhine. Various sports and playing games. Usually full of tennis, soccer or jogging, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Rhine alongside scenes in some parts of the city.Rheinpark Golzheim

Botanical Garden of the University

A final destination within the most prominent gardens of Dusseldorf lies within the University of Heinrich Hein in the south of the city and converges with the River Rhine, open to the Loire throughout the year and not only the visitors of the university, and holds many exhibitions, tours and lectures periodically. The park contains many types of trees, plants and flowers from around the world such as islands The Canary, Mediterranean, New Zealand, Australia, Asia, Africa, Chile and California. The Farmers & Pharmacy Park section has an ideal place to relax and read a book, while the Smell & Touch Garden section is dedicated to enjoying more and many activities. There is also the lobe section. Green l, which is a fun destination for those who want to know the natural relationship between the different types of flowers and plants.Botanical Garden of the University

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