A guide to the most famous places of tourism in Madinah is recommended to visit, and it is a great pleasure that there is no parallel, and this is because Medina is part of Saudi Arabia, and one of the most important tourist places that many tourists go to.
This is because it is characterized by calm, comfort and tranquility, a large percentage of people from different countries of the world come to enjoy tourism in it, as the concept of tourism differs from any other place, and this is because it has a great position among Muslims and has many historical places that are concerned with the events of the invasions that were held Since ancient times.
Also, its tourist attractions indicate that all the monuments that exist in it are ancient, and this is because they contain Romen civilizations, the Nabataean civilization, and many others, as they are distinguished by the historical value that you obtain from the rest of the regions, but there is great importance when you visit them where they are fascinated by looking at the place , Because it has a great artistic touch.

Climate in Medina:

Al-Madinah desert climate is always prevalent in Medina, where it rains sporadically throughout the year, as temperatures reach 45 degrees Celsius throughout the summer season, as for the winter season, the temperature reaches twenty-five degrees.
That is why Medina has a kind of humidity in the winter, and it is one of the places that some people do not want to go in the summer because of the high temperatures that reach it, as this climate prevails in all cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which must be taken care of in particular and keep moisture The body as you go to it in those extreme degrees.

The best places for tourism in Medina:

There are many tourist areas in Medina, to which many people are attracted, as all areas are distinguished by beauty, splendor, and greatness, and from those places:
  • Prophet’s Mosque:

The Prophet’s Mosque is considered one of the most important places for many Muslims, so it is necessary to go to the Prophet’s Mosque during the tourist trip, as that importance returns because it is the first mosque that was built before the era of the Messenger of God, peace be upon him, that is, before Islam.
As the importance of the mosque continues to Muslims until today, and it is considered one of the most important places that explain the doctrine and the Sunnah and Fatwa and Shura among people and a place for worship and prayer, and a large number of Muslims come to it annually to perform the rituals of Hajj and Umrah, and this is in addition to the economic, social and political importance that exists in it .

  • Quba Mosque:

Quba Mosque was considered the first mosque built in the history of Islam, and this mosque has great importance in the hearts of Muslims, to which many people come to visit, where the Messenger of God, peace and blessings of God be upon him, put the first stone in the construction of that mosque, then followed by the great companion Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq Radhi God is on his behalf, and after this some Muslims started building the rest of the stones of the mosque, where this mosque witnessed great interest from the allies, and this is because it has great great importance to them as it is the first mosque that was built during the era of the Messenger of God, peace be upon him, and the great companions.

  • Hejaz railway:

The Ottoman Sultan established this line in order to facilitate the movement of worshipers and the ease of transporting pilgrims, and this is because it separates Damascus and Medina, as the lifespan in this line lasted for nearly nine years, as the commercial movement started in it after it was established in the northern, and the eastern, Southern, and those works remained until the wars started in Saudi Arabia, and consequently the movement of buying and selling was affected, and after the completion of those wars many stations were worked on, and at that time it became one of the most rich places in cities and regions that exist at the level of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  • Markets:

Medina is characterized by the abundance of its distinctive commercial markets, where all purposes are provided, and it is also suitable for all tastes, as Medina is considered one of the largest cities that exist in Saudi Arabia, whoever wants to buy gifts, clothes and other luggage all he has to go to those markets This is because Medina’s markets are among the largest commercial and international markets in Saudi Arabia.

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