Asia has always been one of the first tourist destinations attractive to fans of adventure and students around the world, thanks to the mixing of civilizations that it enjoys, along with the standard of living that is cheap compared to other tourist destinations. Here are the cheapest tourist destinations in Asia, where you can enjoy the beauty of nature, and mixing civilizations.

Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei is one of the cheapest tourist destinations in Asia as it enjoys a picturesque load as it is considered one of the region’s hubs, and despite that, it does not enjoy wide popularity. Food and shopping are what distinguish most of Taipei, as their prices are very high compared to quality, enjoyment and the spirit of adventure that one has. Their markets open their doors to tourists and travelers until midnight, and none of them can be reached by subway, whose ticket does not exceed two dollars. The city includes a huge variety of different Cultures and civilizations. Which increases the ease of communication and enjoyment.Taipei, Taiwan

Penang, Malaysia

Penang is one of the cheapest tourist destinations in Asia and Malaysia, and provides a huge mixture of cultures, architecture and food and thus ensures that the tourist will find what suits his expenses. Don't forget to visit Cheung Fat Si Mansion Museum if you intend to visit Penang, which has an entry fee of four dollars for a full tour. Penang, Malaysia

Bohol, Philippines

Bohol is one of the most beautiful cities of Asia that has a charming nature, where the forest of mahogany trees, and the deadly chocolate hills. You can enjoy climbing the suspended bamboo bridges for a few cents, besides the unforgettable Tarser sanctuary.Bohol, Philippines

Sri Lanka

Yala National Park is the most expensive destination to enjoy in Sri Lanka. Where the cost of the admission ticket, four-wheel drive fare, and the driver's fee is thirty dollars. This enchanting nature and archaeological area attracts thousands of visitors around the world. You can visit the turtle hatchery, ride the Asian elephants and climb Adam's summit to see eight world-famous archaeological sites immortalized by history. The train can be counted on as the cheapest way to travel in Sri Lanka, through which one gets to know the civilization and culture of the country. Spending a day on one of the beaches of Sri Lanka is the cheapest thing you can do there. Since it is free of charge and you can also rely on berries as a main source of food, you will find it wherever you go. All this makes Sri Lanka one of the cheapest tourist destinations in Asia.Sri Lanka

Chiang Mai, Thailand

The Thai capital is characterized by an atmosphere of fun and low expenses, but the north of the country is the most crowded part with tourists as it provides a lot of fun, and this spirit of adventure is beside the low level of expenses. Exorbitant sums. Chiang Mai is characterized by a high rate of adrenaline, where you can enjoy climbing mountains, cliffs and riding alongside Asian elephants. This is what distinguishes the north of the country and makes it one of the cheapest tourist destinations in Asia.Chiang Mai, Thailand

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